Michael Cramm N.D.



Hi, my name is Michael Cramm.

I have a diploma in Naturopathy from Australia where I attended health schools Australia in Brisbane in from 1990-1995.

After my marriage to my wife Marjo, we decided to move to Finland and set up a clinic for naturopathy and yoga studies in Helsinki.

During those years I did naturopathic consultations and also participated in my wife’s school of educating yoga teachers.

Part of my naturopathic work included work with correcting breathing, doing kinesiological muscle testing, teaching yoga and yoga related anatomy and teaching meditation.

Here are the techniques that I still do in clinic today:



Naturopathic medicine is medicine the way it is supposed to be when using natural healing methods. The aim of a naturopath is to prevent disease in the first place and then heal the body, mind and spirit using nature and natural methods.

This includes using vitamins, minerals, foods and other natural substances to achieve a balanced health of the physical body.

However, there is a strong connection to the mind and the spirit as well. It is therefore necessary to work with emotions and spiritual blockages to free up the natural pathways toward health. This is where meditation and breathing come into play.



In many ways, I have learned to focus on meditation first. The reason is that meditation introduces a break into the ongoing occupation with what we call “normal” life but is actually not very normal.

There are many stresses in our way of living that are only possible because we often do not have sufficient time and space to look deeper into what life actually is and what we are doing here while being fully alive.

Meditation is the way out of this situation. In meditation you will learn to slow down your physical body and most importantly to slow down your mind.

In my personal experience of meditating for many years, I have to highlight meditation as the one gift I have learned that will help people to go through the many situations that arise in living our so-called “modern” life.

Areas that are greatly helped by meditation are:

  • Work
  • Relationships to other people
  • Other relationships such as toward money and material possessions.


The fact is that in our normal way of living we are undergoing a number of processes that will cause stress and resulting disease.

Many of theses processes are of a biochemical nature and are ultimately caused by an unnatural way of living.

One of the most important aspects is that our normal breathing is affected in such a way that breathing can cause biochemical abnormalities. These breathing abnormalities have been for some time and it is possible to bring the body (and mind) back into a more balanced state by doing breathing exercises.

After having done what is known as “yogic breathing” or “pranayama” for a number of years, I eventually came across the breathing that was developed by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko. The main idea behind Dr. Buteyko’s breathing is that most people breathe too fast do to stress. Once the breath is corrected, however, the body will breathe slower and utilize a much better amount of oxygen.

As Dr. Buteyko passed away in 2003, his teaching (in the west) has been continued by his student Patrick McKeown.



Hyperton-X (also known as sports kinesiology) is a “hands on” therapeutic approach that is very effective at releasing muscles that have a “hypertension” because of being in a continuous over-protective state (due to mainly stress).

This over-protectiveness makes the body tired and greatly reduces flexibility. Fatigue and reduced flexibility will decrease cerebral spinal flow and affect the function of the hormonal system.

This decreases flow of “energy” can easily create mental confusion, poor memory and can easily affect learning other skills such as reading, writing or mathematics.

I have had amazing results with applying hyperton-x principles after just a few sessions.