We are all one


Two months ago I wrote my last blog and so much has happened since then….It actually feels like life is speeding up. Maybe time is getting faster? Might as well be.


Today is the day that I was married to my beautiful wife Marjo 25 years ago on a sunny beach in Australia. We were surrounded by a group of friends listening to live didgeridoo sounds played by our friend Murray while digging our toes into the wet sand of the beach.

After taking our marriage vows we ate Karjalanpiirakka that Marjo had baked the evening before.

It’s amazing, although this day seems like a long time past, in my memory it is only moments ago.

In those 25 years we have spent so many beautiful moments together and learned many things. The more I am with Marjo, the more deep and mysterious our relationship becomes. Thank you, Marjo, for all the love I have received. Nothing has been more important in my life. This love has become my source of existence.



Now, for this blog, I am sitting in Gran Delicato in Helsinki, slurping my Ellinikos kafes (greek coffee). Marjo is teaching today and I have time to write.

I find myself reflecting on all the things that have happened in the last 25 years until today.

One of the things I am noticing lately is that my focus in life is more and more toward the very basic and essential questions of life. What is love? and What is truth? and What is life?

As far as I can remember, I always had this inner longing for the truth inside of me. It was already there when I was a child and although life circumstances of my life often tried to get me out of this “quest”, it is not only still there, but it is getting stronger every day.

At the same time the only thing that really held interest in me was what we call “LOVE”. To be clear, I do not mean just a “spiritual” love, but a very real physical love that can be lived between people and includes love-making. Physical love making to me happens when the “spirit” is lived with the whole body.

In fact, the dedication to love inside of me is getting stronger and stronger as I am getting older.

In practical effect this means for me that I am not willing any longer to do anything that is not in the service of love. I know that if I live love, I automatically increase my knowledge of truth. For truth is love.

This process of focussing my inner attention on love and truth, although it has always been in me, became much, much stronger about a year and half ago. It was about then that I consciously started to review in detail everything that I was doing and also decided to let go of everything that I was doing, thinking and feeling which was not being in the service of love and truth.

Questions that I asked included:

  • Who am I?
  • What is this existence all about?
  • Where do I live?
  • What I do for money?
  • Whom do I spend time with?
  • How can I best serve love and truth?

I can highly recommend you ask these questions frequently as they will open you up to receive information directly from the source of life.

This process became part of my inner response to understand the COVID phenomenon. COVID the way I understand was part of a process of deceiving people to fall for one of the biggest lies ever (more about this in my previous blog on the COVID story).


Of course, once you start asking such powerful questions, such as the ones I just listed, this will start a equally powerful inner process, which then causes powerful changes in life.

For my wife and me, the first thing that happened was that we agreed to stop educating yoga teachers, which was our main financial income. Although our motivations for doing this were slightly different, we both saw that it was time to move on from the traditional yoga movement.

From my side, there were two main aspects to stop teaching yoga.

Firstly, and for me the most important aspect, was that traditional yoga talks very, very little about love and physical love-making. It always seemed to me that these yogis were not really interested in the love aspect of life. Whatever yoga system I studied certainly included “spiritual” aspects of “divine” love but love between “normal” people and certainly love-making were not among those.

The two main texts that are at the basis of modern yoga are Patanjali’s yoga sutras and the . After reading the yoga sutras a couple of times and searching for the keyword “love”, I gave up on finding anything that points toward love between man and woman. Additionally, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika copy that I read actually advises men to stay away from women. Hmmmm…

This means that these teachings do not know (or more likely do not talk) about love between people.

There is however mention of love and love making in certain tantric teachings, but by studying the original teachings, it turns out that these teachings were actually quite restricted and did not match with my own understanding and experience of love-making. The book Tantra Illuminated” by Christopher Wallis is good to read in this respect.

As it turns out, the modern understanding of “tantra” has not much in common with the “classic” tantric teachings. From what I understand, it was the teaching of Alistair Crowley that introduced this newer version of “tantra” into our minds. The newer version of tantra sounds more like free sex, however, and is easily misused.

To me, love, love-making and the effects of love are absolutely essential to understanding life. Take the love and love making out of any teaching and you will get a teaching that will stay in the head, therefore stay intellectual.

Secondly I felt that the American Yoga association, of which we were part off, appeared to bend itself backward to make place for political pressure applied during the COVID times. And even before this there were political concessions made, such as removing terms like “healing” from the official description of what yoga is all about. To me this was a sign that the ancient teaching of yoga (which was created by individuals not belonging to any association as there were no associations) had become modernized and integrated into a common modern political understandings of how things are.

After all, if yoga does not heal, I wonder what it does.

More and more, I felt that the ancient wisdom of yoga was falling short of my own insight into life and spirit and increasingly so. In my view a true spiritual teaching has to be based in truth and love. And it definitely heals body, mind and spirit.

Also, in my view, only when truth and love is the primary focus of a teaching is there any chance to get through this mess that has been created on this planet. In my view, people with political power and loads of money would do very well to ponder on true spiritual principles – love and truth – not the other way around.

So Marjo and I decided to stop what became more and more conflicting for us to do and start doing what we both love – which is living, speaking and teaching the truth (because this is the only way to bring more love into this world).



For me, the decision to let go of what did not serve me any longer then also (unexpectedly) reached out into my profession as a naturopath. I have always loved doing this work because naturopathy in its essence connects us to nature (which is spirit in action).

Briefly, what happened was that the Finnish customs decided to block me importing what I consider the best vitamin /mineral /nutrient supplements in the world. Specifically, I had been using supplementation made by the American company NUTRI-SPEC. These supplements work really well and were custom designed by a genius chiropractor (Dr. Guy Schenker D.O.) over a period of about 45 years. It is the most intelligent approach to nutrition that I know off.

After my latest order had arrived, I was notified by Finnish customs that a major portion of my supplements was rejected. Strangely, almost all rejected nutrients are freely available in Finnish health food shops and can be ordered via the net. And even more interestingly, among the nutrients that were rejected was an essential amino acid (L-Threonine).

This was very weird. Essential amino acids are what their name means. They are essential to us humans, meaning that in order to survive and thrive, the human body actually needs these amino acids from foods. This means they need to be eaten.

I was told in a letter that this nutrient (L-Threonine) was now placed under medical supervision as part of an EU effort to control what people can buy and supplement.

Which means in fact that an essential amino acid is only available with a doctor’s prescription.

Now, and in all respect to the medical profession, it is my experience that most medical doctors do not know too much about nutrition. They don’t really study it as part of their curriculum. If you want to test this, ask your doctor about L-threonine and what it does.

What you will most likely find is that the average medical doctor has certainly in depth knowledge about many diseases and what to do about these diseases with pharmaceutical intervention, but they do not know too much about food and how to use food to heal the body. It is my hope that this will change one day.

To top off my story, I was subsequently contacted by the food and health department of Finland (EVIRA) and was told in no uncertain terms to stop importing the food supplements that I have been using in my business for a long time.

At around the same time my American supplier NUTRI-SPEC was told by its own government that he cannot make certain health related statements he used to make in his newsletters. As a result of this, 23 years worth of newsletters were blocked from his official website and are not available any more to the public.

So, these are the times we are living in currently, and actions like this go under the radar of people’s attention while we are looking at the Ukrainian war and other newspaper headlines.

So, from all that I am learning, rather than educating people on how to heal themselves by using nature, intelligence and spirit, there is a very large push to get people to surrender to the pharmaceutical industry and become medically treated rather than naturally healed.


Luckily, though, it appears that the COVID story, which was designed to get the people of this planet mass-vaccinated and therefore weakened, is now being mass exposed for the many un-truth and blatant lies that we were being told.

Here are some of the links that I read almost daily:

Samantha and Mark Bailey have done a wonderful job at exposing the COVID lie from 2020 onward. I highly recommend Mark Bailey’s 62 page write-up with the title A farewell to virology . expert edition”.

This is Dr. Stefan Lanka’s site. On this page you find numerous links to research concerning viruses. All of these are very important to a full understanding that there are no viruses.

  • Robert Kennedy Jr. website deals a lot with the effects of vaccinations – https://childrenshealthdefense.org
  • Dr. Mike Yeadon – Dr Yeadon used to be Vice president the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and reveals very important facts in his blog.

How this whole story is eventually playing out can be both fascinating (and at times frightening) to watch.

It very much appears that on one side we have wonderful people (like the ones I linked in) at work, who put a lot of their precious life energy into creating a natural and intelligence enhancing world. These individuals work to create a world that is based in truth, love and a recognition of the true source of life.

As far as I am concerned, these people deserve all the support they can get.

On the other side, by all appearances, there are very, very rich people that appear to work toward a fully computerized, automated, machinated, robotic and inhuman world (that is in their control, of course).

As far as my information goes, these people are responsible for the mess this planet is currently in and it is absolutely necessary that they do not succeed. For more info on how this group of people is actually structured and who is behind their efforts, I recommend you get familiar with the work of David Icke.

David has written many books and runs a website where you can familiarize with what he has found.



Now, for me there has always been another aspect to life. It was never about “good” or “bad” people because …


This is the part of me that is looking beyond the whole lot of it. (actually David Icke is also more and more talking about this aspect in his latest books).

Firstly, I am aware that this is a physical existence that will end with the death of my body. What happens after death is unclear to me but I do have experiences of being a bodiless energy before I was born. It was this insight that got me to focus on what is really important in this life. The result of my inquiry taught me to live this life as fully as possible.

Secondly, from my research into quantum physics and beyond it appears that the so-called “physical world” is actually an energetic “non-physical” world.

This is a BIG SUBJECT. To get a good understanding, I can highly recommend the work of Nassim Haramein. Nassim is working on the interrelations of physics, astrophysics, geometry and philosophy and continuously publishes research into the unified field theory (which in my understanding will absolutely revolutionize our current way of utilizing energy).

From what I understand, it is necessary for us to go even beyond the world of quantum physics into an energetic world that appears to be immaterial.

This means we will need to go smaller and smaller, way past the world of protons, electrons and neutrons. The further down go, we find quarks and leptons, the building blocks of matter.

Quarks and leptons already are very, very small—less than an attometer (a billionth of a billionth of a meter) in diameter. But we don’t stop there, we keep going and zoom in a billion times more and find zeptometers and yoctometers, which are already realllllly small.

And then we go about another hundred million times smaller and eventually we get to the Planck length (1.6 x10 -35 m), which is very, very, very, very small. We normally stop there as it is thought that anything smaller than that will result in a black hole.

At the level of the Planck length we find 99,9999% of empty space. So it is pretty safe to say that at this level there is almost only vibrating energy and no physical matter any longer.

And there is no definite proof that beyond the level of the Planck length there will really be a black hole situation.

But for now, we could say that the physical realities we live in and believe in and that we think about all day long, are actually created in the reverse process that I described earlier.

So, instead of atoms – protons- electrons – bosons –quarks- leptons- neutrinos – Plank units –pure energy, we go the other way around and CREATE MATTER from the almost total energetic non-material field of pure energy into – planck units- neutrinos- leptons- quarks- bosons- electrons –protons-cells- and so on until we have our complex biological world of human life- and then beyond into planets- stars- galaxies- universes…..

Interestingly, the more I just focus on this aspect of life I just described, I experience that when I enter the world of nonmaterial frequencies, it becomes much more easy for me to let go of any acquired thinking-and emotional patterns that make up my so called “earthly existence”.

As an important side effect of this, I am also convinced that at this level of insight, it becomes possible to change biochemistry to such a degree that diseases can be reversed and healed. This can be done by going directly into the energetic source of disease, using the focus of conscious attention.

And it is exactly at this point that outside manipulation comes in, because it is exactly at this point where we are being fed a lot of misinformation which causes us to fall for distracting emotions and half-true thinking. And when we are under the influence of such distractions, we loose attention of what is real and it is then possible to control us.

This means that two things happen:

  • 1.) As our focus is constantly “guided” (occupied) by media, religion, newsfeeds, etc., it is easy to lose our spiritual innocence and natural focus. The spiritual innocence we are, always loves enquiry and if allowed to grow, it will find much, much better solutions to current state of affairs.
  • 2.) There are beings in our societies that know this process very well and wherever possible use all sorts of distraction tactics to stop us from realizing our own cosmic potential. These include misinformation, health-sapping foods, chemical pollution, to mention a few.

However, the truth is that these distraction processes are just distraction processes. Once they are seen in the light of truth, the same energies can be used to free those parts of us that have been suppressed or hypnotized.

The process I have just described is actually utilized by Dr. Joe Dispenza in his teaching.

Dr. Dispenza is regularly publishing the most amazing healing stories of his students in his newsletters, such as people healing themselves from brain tumors and cancers (to read up on people’s testimonies, you can subscribe to Dr. Dispenza’s free newsletters via email – or read his books).

So, to me, it is a fact that I can influence any aspect of my own life and my own health via utilizing this knowledge.


Thirdly, it is very possible that this existence is actually a holographic illusion. This would basically mean that we are actually creating this illusion by using thought and emotion and by staying within certain parameters (such as the speed of light).

As there are stories of people doing so-called “miraculous” feats, such as the stories described by Paramahansa Yogananda in his book Autobiography of a yogi“, we have some indication that the boundaries of this illusionary world are transcendable and not definite at all.

All this means that we can change this world. Literally. It is just a matter to learn and understand how this is done.


Here is how it is done currently…

Our perception, thinking and feeling is manipulated from childhood on. We are told what life is all about, what the truth of life is and are further being led to believe that when we have learned all that we are told in schools and universities, we know pretty much about all the important aspects that make up a human life.

To get us to comply, already from small childhood until death, we are constantly being fed bits and pieces of information into our open energy fields. These bits and pieces will become our thoughts, our feelings and eventually form the programmed behavior patterns that will allow this world to keep functioning according to the program that is being fed to us.

However, this can only be done when other pieces of information are being withheld. These withheld bits are very, very important, because they hold the truth of life.

Please ask yourself…

  • Do you really think that it is normal that you do not know who you really are?
  • Why can’t you remember where you come from?
  • How much do you really know about who or what is creating this existence? And I don’t mean what you have heard or read – I mean how much do you know in your own experience.
  • What happens when you die?
  • Don’t you find it strange that you don’t really know answers to these questions?
  • Have you given up asking and searching for the truth of life?
  • Don’t you find it strange that you can be manipulated by money, TV, books, the quest for social safety and other similar thought and emotional patterns?
  • And what happened to your inner child’s mind? The one that sees the world with innocent eyes and wants to know everything?

I am asking these questions because in my mind these are questions that should be paramount in everybody’s life. In my life they definitely are.

By asking such (and similar) questions, something can happen in the mind and spirit, because if you ask to question:


When the spirit grows, the truth of life is revealed to you and me. Everyday more and more. And when the spirit grows, love grows. And love is what I am here for.


FINAL WORDS (for today)

Here are some of things I have learned:

I learned that the energy that makes the universe is growing at a very rapid rate and it never stands still. This means there is no end point to this experience. It goes on and on.

I also learned that life is a cosmic, universal happening. I see it as an unbelievably vast dance and I am that dance if I am willing to dance.

As far as our solar system is involved, our sun and all the planets are rotating in a spiral motion around a galactic center. From what I understand, as part of this spiral motion, our solar system has recently entered a highly charged energy field. This energy field is causing a “waking up process” which you and I can experience as a sudden explosion in consciousness.

The end effect of this explosion in consciousness will result in the truth of life breaking through the hypnotized parts of our brain. And this in turn will cause the energy of LOVE to flower.

So, to me, what we are experiencing currently is a “galactic” wake-up call. This wake-up call has the result that many, many, many people are waking up to the truth of life and to love.

Here is my current take on things:

I am (we are) here to realize and live love. We are all here to grow in intelligence. We are all here to know and live the truth. To be clear, to me this is a cosmic event and it cannot be prevented.

Deep down, under layers of conditioning, you and I are love and intelligence. Once this is realized more and more, it will become easier to fully live this love and the truth of it. And eventually, once this spirit I am talking about is fully lived, life itself will provide from deep inside of me all the answers as to why there is an existence in the first place.

To me, nothing else makes any sense. So I dedicate my whole life, heart and spirit to living love.