I was waiting for a while to write this text, partly because I was reading a long book by David Icke, called The Trigger”.

This book not only details everything about 9/11 itself, but also what was uncovered in the 18 years since that event happened in 2001. (After the book was published in 2019, COVID happened in the world and David Icke got busy covering that).

As for me, I did not write anything for a while, because I knew that there was something that I needed to understand before writing again. And I knew that David Icke’s book has something to do with that.

So, the next thing for me is to recap a little what I have been up to for the last few month or actually the last few years, come to it.

About January 2022, I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to only truth and love. The reason was very simple:

I just cannot live my life knowing that I am running around here without knowing who I really am. I realize that many people seem to have no problem doing this but I simply cannot live like that.

The second thing was that my whole life has evolved around love and actually very little around money. As far as I can look back, it was always love that was my main motivation for living, not money.

While I was growing up, it took a number of years to realize that the way I was living, I could either just do things that are being programmed into me during my childhood years OR I could experiment around and see what else is possible.

Looking back now, it was this thought (and the feeling that goes with that thought) which has always gotten me going, so to say. So, as a result, since fairly early on in my life I kept looking beyond the surface of things and trying to find out what really made me feel good and what was really going on. It is the same power today that still keeps pushing me to find out what is going on. To me, this power that is in me is the true me.

From what I can see, this power is the inborn intelligence that is in everyone. And it keeps stirring me all the time and makes me look deeper and deeper into life. It simply becomes vaster and vaster and more and more loving.

It keeps asking the right questions and keeps challenging common thoughts and ideas that we generally accept as “normal”.

Reflecting on what I have just written…..

This quest is what life is really all about and why I have a body to start off with. This quest of life has actually always been in me ever since the time that I grew up and played in the bombed out ruins in post war Düsseldorf, Germany.

But like most people do, I just took in what was told to me in my childhood, without thoroughly checking if what I learned was actually the truth. And that aspect of THOROUGHLY checking if what is being taught is actually the truth of life, I regard now as ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL in waking up to reality.

Growing up in Germany was not particularly easy for me, partly because of my mom’s economic situation and partly because school never actually made sense to me. My saving grace however, were the girls in my life – and naturally this is were my interest mostly went.

In my later life, upon becoming a grown man, I was still mostly interested in women. Money and career were never that important to me. Having tons of money and a having good job never held a lot of attraction for me, either. That does not mean that I don’t appreciate money, I do appreciate it, sure. But I will not compromise my spirit just to make a pile of cash.

And this was exactly the reason that I postponed the question of what I wanted to become professionally until I was in my thirties.

So, once I started to make love physically in my late teens, this became the highlight of my life – and it stayed like that for me until much later. Eventually though, when I was around 25, one of my love relationships ended and I found myself in a lot of emotional pain and the only way I could get away from that pain was by learning how to meditate.

In meditation I learned how to enter so called “transcendent” states of being.

Once these transcendent states started to happen, I could clearly see and experience that there is something else. There was another reality available – a much more bright, much more intense, much more intelligent and much more loving reality. So, obviously, this is what I chose to live at all costs and it is still ongoing today.

Along the way I had the help of many teachers. From these teachers I received very important bits and pieces in regards to the truth of life. Some of the teachers that were important to me were already dead, such as Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his discovery of orgon energy” and the spiritual master George Gurdjieff. If those teachers would have been alive when I was, I am pretty sure I would have contacted them to learn.

The first alive major teacher in my life was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho).

So, in 1979, I decided to go visit Bhagwhan in Pune. On my way, as I have told earlier, I met Sufis in Istanbul and tried unsuccessfully to get to Benares in India. In Benares there was the history of Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteshwar Giri and a connection to Paramahansa Yogananda.

In the end I travelled to Pune (where Rajneesh was teaching) in 1979 and I staid with this master for 12 years (until his death).

Along the way I participated in creating a city by the name of Rajneeshpuram in the USA, and as an offshoot of this I eventually ended up in Holland in a place called the Humaniversity, then run by Swami Veeresh, one of Rajneesh’s disciples.

Rajneesh, as far as I was concerned, was pretty crazy but in his presence I always felt the power of love , the vibration of intelligence and the resulting wisdom. Rajneesh was very challenging and also very, very alive.

After Rajneesh died in ‘91, I ended up with Barry Long, a western spiritual master based in Australia. The funny thing was that I really did not look for another “master” after Rajneesh but this teacher came trough a woman that I had been in a love relationship with. Barry Long was much more stern in his teaching, but his main focus was always the love between man and woman. And as I was interested in really loving woman, this love was the hook for me to this teacher

Incredibly, Barry Long died on the 6th of December in 2003, precisely on my 49th birthday (which is incredible in terms of numerology, which I had learned about earlier). Without going into too much detail, Barry Long’s death marked a new birth for me.

In 1997 I met my wife Marjo at one of Barry Long’s meetings and throughout all of the time that Barry was alive and ever since until now I have lived with Marjo and we have lived love to the best of our abilities. And although I have had all of these extraordinary teachers and teachings in my life, without my wife Marjo I would have never learned what living love actually means in day-to-day life.

I might also mention here that during the roughly 24 years that I was with Rajneesh and Barry Long, I honestly was not too much concerned about what happened in the world or what was going on in world politics. My deepest interest was in finding out what love actually is, and how I could live love practically, day by day, night by night. I knew that if I live love, the most profound truths about life would become clear to me.

Also, throughout all of this, I did actually manage to study natural medicine (naturopathy) and became a naturopathic doctor. Naturopathy was a simple choice because I was absolutely fascinated by the fact that the physical body is composed of about 100 trillion cells and every cell of about 100 trillion atoms.

For me, the fact that there is some incredible level of knowledge and detailed biological information that is harmoniously organizing these unbelievable amounts of physical structures in my body was simply fascinating.

After Barry Long died in 2003, there have been a few more teachers that have greatly influenced me over the years. Here I will just mention a few.

The first one is Nassim Haramein and his enquiries into how nature works and especially the subdivision of astrophysics. Particularly interesting to me was always the question of zero point energy. Zero point energy can be thought off simply as the energy that is underlying the whole universe. Nassim has been working for more than 30 years towards finding ways to make this incredible energy source available for humanity. Once this becomes possible, I believe it will revolutionize our planet.

The next teacher I would like to mention here is Dr. Joe Dispenza. Over the years, I have done several courses with him (in the net – never met him personally). In my experience Dr. Dispenza transmits the knowledge on how to transcend many of the barriers of the physical body and the mind – particularly in the area of health and disease, but not only. His work is fascinating and I am very glad that his work is attracting large audiences.

The next person I would like to mention is David Icke (whom I already mentioned at the beginning of this writing). I came across David Icke’s books already in 1996, but it is only since the events of 9/11 that I am staying in regular touch with his writings and interviews. David approaches the state of the world, its politics and what is behind in the unseen realms from a position of clarity and no fear. What he uncovers is very eye-opening and as far as I am concerned, should be read by every citizen of this planet. David’s work is “full-on” but upon reading his works or watching his interviews, it becomes impossible to “fall asleep” anymore.

There are many other people such as Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, Christine Massey, Mike Stone from ViroLIEgy and especially the Bailey doctors from Zealand, who have all done incredibly important work uncovering not only the worldwide scam that the “corona pandemic” presented over the last four years, but who also opened my eyes into an enormous amount of lies that are currently underlying “medical” knowledge. As I now understand, there have never been any viruses and we have all been presented and pressured with a huge set of what can only be termed lies.

The last one I would like to mention here is Dr. Mike Yeadon, an ex-Pfizer vice director, who is publishing a blog uncovering enormous amount of material that uncovers the truth behind the COVID lie as well as the Global Warming lies. And the lies are HUGE.

And here I will leave it for now regarding the subject of what happened over the last years. I would highly encourage everyone to get familiar with the links I have just given and get yourselves informed.

In my next writings I will get back to what I consider is the most important skill to learn: Meditation.

Thank you