Christmas eve!

I am currently with my wife in Tenerife sitting on the balcony of our holiday apartment. In front of us an unobstructed view of the Atlantic ocean. To the right a natural volcanic rock pool to take a dip.

Although at this time of year, Tenerife is a very busy island, we are very lucky renting an apartment right at the edge of la Barranquera, Northern Tenerife, a little fisherman’s town of only 40 people.

Today is the 24th of December 2018. Traditionally the time that father Christmas roams around with a sledge to deliver presents. As we are seeing an unobstructed sky at night, we’ll be sure to watch out.

As I sit here, I am reminded of a similarly sunny day back in Australia in1997.

It was the first time when I invited my beautiful wife Marjo on our very first date. As we were sitting in a Kingscliff, NSW cafeteria, she looked at me with a loving smile and told me. “TIME’S UP”.

“Time is up for what?, I asked her.

“Time is up for anything but love”, was the answer.

Could it be said more simple and direct? Woman’s wisdom!

Ever since that first day we have build our marriage on this principle and it works brilliantly. In fact, the more we live “TIME’S UP FOR LOVE”, we are both realizing that is actually the only way that a love relationship can work and stay alive.


So I thought that I go a bit into the meaning of “Time’s up” in this blog (simply because “time’s up” has more than one meaning)

For example, “Time’s up” can also mean “enough is enough”. Or it can mean on a more spiritual note: “Waking up to who I really am, right now”!

Well, let me ask then: “Have you had enough”?

Have you had enough of slogging through this life not really knowing who you are, where you come from, what happens after death or why there is an existence in the first place?

Have you had enough of believing the lies and half-truths told to you by popular media, mediocre scientists or religions?

Have you had enough of your own incessant, never-ending thinking that actually leads you nowhere?

Have you had enough of the fear-driven media that paralyses your love and makes you chronically tense? Have you not had enough of THAT?

Is time up for a change? What do you say?

And where do you think the change is going to come from?

Do you think it comes from politics? Has it ever?

Maybe religion? Have you followed the news to what is happening in religion these days?

Or maybe it comes from technology? AI?

You probably noticed that we ALREADY HAVE incredible technology and that it tends to make people addicted?

How about all the clever gurus, or better medicine, more drugs, free energy, better welfare?

Maybe aliens will reveal themselves?

Do you think that any of this going to solve your deepest questions about who you really are or why there actually is an existence?

Do you think that any of this will explain to you why people tend to suffer and get sick?

I will let you be the judge of if that. Deep down you know!



As for me, I am a fan of the concept of the yugas (keep in mind that although the yugas are beautiful in their theory, they are still a theory).


The yugas (according to Sri Yukteshwar Giri) cover a period of roughly 24000 years, in close correlation with the precession of the equinoxes


Within those 24000 years or so, the whole solar system travels through an energetic area of space, which is charged with cosmic energy vibrations.

This is called the “Great Cosmic Year” (you can watch a Youtube presentation on the subject here).

The 24000 years are divided into four yugas – the Satya yuga (golden age) – the Treta yuga (silver age) – the Dwarapa yuga (bronze age) and finally the Kali yuga (iron age).

Each yuga differs in length, with the satya yuga occupying the longest time period (roughly 9600 years).

The great year, like our 4 seasons, has very distinct energetic expressions within each yuga. Kali yuga is a time for materialism; a rather dark time where the available cosmic energy (consciousness) is at it’s minimum. We’ve been through that time in the medieval ages. We are sitting currently at the beginning of Dwarapa yuga and have a long way to go until we reach the cosmic expression of the golden age.

Golden age is a time where people (beings) have god-consciousness, love, harmony, unity and are fully aware of the illusion of time and space, among many other attributes. Our bodies are very different, are long-living and way more energetic.

According to the yugas, now is a time during which people realize that materialism is only the outer shell of an inner body that is entirely energetic in origin. If you follow science, you notice that this is happening since quite some time.

Time itself is realized to be an illusion related to gravity and space. This awareness too is happening on a broader scale for a number of years now.

Part of this awakening shift is that slowly, slowly, people in general, will transcend into a higher conscious vibration and more love. It is inevitable that this happens as it is inevitable that spring follows winter.

The yugas provide a wonderful concept that explains why there is such an inertia related to change for the better.

However, even as beings (people) in satya yuga are so called “enlightened”, it is nonetheless inevitable that cosmic energies eventually decrease again and are less and less available. This apparently depends on the amount of cosmic energy through which the solar system is passing on its way through the great year.

So then, over a period of thousands of years, the enlightened state and loving consciousness we have created slowly wanes like the moon and returns to a new cycle of the great year, complete with the spiritual numbness of the medieval times where the word of the church was law and disbelievers were destroyed.

As intriguing as the great year sounds and as entertaining as it is, however, it is also very obvious that what we have here is still an existential cycle that unfortunately includes all the material and psychological abuse that is part of our times.

Looking at the great cosmic cycle then, my question returns to the same as in the beginning of this write-up:

  • Is TIME UP for this apparent never-ending cyclical illusion of bliss and suffering?
  • What is the full truth behind the yugas, in fact the whole truth behind this whole existence?
  • What really is the point of having a body that can get sick, controlled and imprisoned?
  • As I am pondering these important questions, I, for one, get only one answer that seems both spiritually complete as well as totally practical (because, after all, what is the good of spiritual pondering if it cannot be translated into responsible practical action).
  • Because there has to be something that created this grand illusion (and it is an obvious illusion because it disappears every night and comes back in the morning), hasn’t there?

    This something has to be LOVE, because LOVE creates everything – every newborn child is proof of that. (However, as there are many things occurring that do not feel like love at all, there is obvious further meditation required to find more answers.)

    However, how about for the approaching new year, I decide to create a field of love around me. I will speak of love, act from love and I will definitely make love physically. I will make love my prime motivation. So, before I just act, I will keep asking myself “What would love do it this situation?”

    So for this Christmas, how about I will give something with real meaning? I will certainly give all the presents that I have bought but I will also give of myself, and really be with the people I love. I will give attention, I will give joy, I will give my laughter; I will tell my loved ones how much I love them. What a gift that is!