Today’s writing is dedicated to your health – and how I use my daily health meditation to create such a strong body that it is very difficult for any disease causing agent to enter my body and do any harm.

However, as this is a meditation blog, I’ll stay completely away from giving advice on nutrition, supplementation, exercise, vitamins, minerals, etc. I will stay within the power of thought and inner energy guidance.

As a naturopathic doctor I know a lot about those aspects of health, of course, and in case you are interested in nutrition, supplementation, exercise, vitamins, minerals, etc, I invite you to send me a mail at cramm.michael(at)gmail,com

In this writing I really want to focus only on the mental/emotional aspects of health. Those that have to do with meditation and how to use my brain and my intention.

As you know, right now the people of this planet are going through major changes. These changes are such strong changes, in fact, that many, many people are afraid for their physical health as well as their emotional and economic well-being.

It is very obvious that the media is strongly playing into your fear of sickness, and by all looks many governments create more and more economic hardship.

And thus far it works. Many people are locking themselves into their homes while countries are locking up their borders. According to the media, you learn that world economies are starting to collapse, which creates even more fear and panic.

However, while some people bend under the emotional strain, others are finding creative ways to grow with the situation. Because as always, anything that happens has a spiritual component. Nothing is ever as it seems.

What really is behind this whole agenda remains to be seen. As far as I am concerned, as long as not all facts are known, I try to stay away from judging the situation. This might be a vast political game to enslave humanity or it might be the spiritual push that people need to raise their consciousness and therefore their energy level. It pays to be as alert as possible.

In my own consciousness, I will go for the second option (of raising consciousness because it feels more right and it lifts me up.

And I also know, as weird as it may sound to some, that after all, LIFE is in charge.

And I am also aware that the coming years will reveal much that is still in the unknown currently.

With that being said, the fact is however, that many people are facing FEAR. While some of these fears are in the conscious realm, the majority of fears are in the subconscious realms. The fear is very simple: Loss of health by virus (and possible death) coupled with loss of power by economic breakdown. A sure recipe to push people into the reactive part of the brain and get them fully freaked out.

And that fear is definitely real. If you are a normal working man- or woman with a job and a couple of kids, you can feel how that fear is affecting your daily life and how it is changing you right now.

FEAR is STRESS. Anytime you fear, you release a whole bunch of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Among many physiological reactions, your blood sugar levels raise, your breathing becomes faster, your blood pressure goes up and most importantly, your brain goes into reactive mode. When your brain is in reactive mode, it’s very difficult to relax and think creatively.

In nature, stressful and fearful situations generally do not last long. But we do know that stress comes in various stages and falls into the category of General Adaptation Syndrome.

We know that anytime you experience fear, you release a whole bunch of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Among many physiological reactions, your:

  • blood sugar levels raise
  • your breathing becomes faster
  • your blood pressure goes up and most importantly
  • your brain goes into reactive mode
When your brain is in reactive mode, it’s very difficult to relax and think creatively.

Which is why meditation in times like these is essential.

What we know scientifically about stress is that stress kills a lot of people. *1

So, one of the side effect of this whole virus scare/panic could well be that many more people get sick or die because of diseases associated with the emotional stress than of the virus itself. Please also read my next blog post “The COVID story” *2, which goes a lot deeper into the lie we have been presented with.

If there ever was a time where we collectively need to learn to deal with stress in a creative way, THIS IT IT.

In my personal life, I live in such a way that I see anything that happens as an opportunity for growth into more love and therefore more consciousness. That is how life works in my experience.

So, when I was looking in what ways I can contribute to a more healthy and enlightened understanding of life, I thought of sharing some of the meditations that have worked so well for me.

It is my hope that those meditations will help you to stay relatively unaffected physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

So, let’s start by using the brain in a creative way (rather than a reactive way).

Let’s get a clear picture of what HEALTH actually is.



Please grab a piece of paper and write on it……

Take a few minutes and write down what it means for you to be healthy?…..

Once you are ready with your writing…

When reading through what you have written, would you be among those people that say health is simply the absence of disease? That is what many doctors think. A doctor will often give you a clean bill of health, when he/she cannot find any disease according to the medical model. Whenever that happens to you, watch the effect it has in your body. However, this type of being healthy is still in the hands of the doctor, isn’t it?

Or are you among those that know that you can create your own health by activating your own amazing intelligence?

So, now that you had a look at what health means for you, could you agree with me in saying that health also might be something entirely different than what you have learned so far?

And could it be true that health does not just mean to be “disease-free” but to actually thrive and be really alive?

I was in my thirties when I started to consciously ask that question.

Up until that point I had basically been cruising the planet, visited many countries and had studied fine arts. I had lived in an ashram, I had gotten had a martial arts black belt that made me very proud, I knew how to meditate, had learned Tai Chi and Chi Kung. In general, I had also partied a lot and had had a good time here on earth. I felt very alive but was never really interested in health.

That all changed when I when I met GLYNN BRADDY, an self professed modern alchemist and my first kinesiology teacher. Glynn lived in Manly, Australia, and used kinesiology (muscle testing feedback) to create health classes for 300+ people at the time. (unfortunately it appears impossible to find Glynn; he always said that he would disappear when the time comes. Apparently he did.)

Glynn’s skills were legendary in Australia. And although he claimed success in healing about 96% of the people that did his programs, he never lost interest in the 4% that did not. Glynn was a true healer who’s spirit and skills influenced me a lot.

Without going into too much detail, from Glynn I learned many unconventional skills such as for example finding energy beams in nature and extracting medical information out of them.

Without going into too much detail, from Glynn I learned many unconventional skills such as for example finding energy beams in nature and extracting medical information out of them.

Glynn’s main question was the same as the one I asked you in the beginning of this blog: What really is health? Is it really enough to say that a person is healthy when there is no disease?

Many of the healings in Glynn’s courses were borderline miraculous (such as the healing of my painful, martial arts caused, swollen knee within one minute (60 seconds exactly) – no more swelling, no more pain).

When this happened to me, naturally my interest was piqued, and I decided to become a naturopathic doctor. I did not want to become a medical doctor, because contrary to the general medical profession which believes too much in the power of drugs and surgery, a naturopathic doctor has the knowledge that it ultimately is NATURE that heals.


This means that nature’s intent is clearly that we thrive in health and well-being.

And, very importantly, I also learned that FOR EVERY DISEASE THERE IS A CURE IN NATURE.

So, lets now do a little meditation to see what nature does for you..



So, Here are some facts of what is happening in your body right now. To read this list properly, take a moment to visualize it, really sense what you are reading and then really, really LET IT SINK IN.

If you do this rightly, you will create a sensation inside yourself that is known as “AWE” or “WONDER”.

Here you go:

  • According to scientists, you have about 35-100 trillion cells in your body. – Let’s stay conservative and say it’s only 40 trillion. If you would count 1 cell per second it would take you about 125 million years to go through them all.
  • Every ONE OF THOSE 40 TRILLION CELLS cell has about 1 BILLION of chemical reactions PER SECOND!!! – That is about 14,000,000,000,000000,000,000 reactions per second!!
  • Every cell has about 100 TRILLION atoms.
  • Your brain alone has about 86 BILLION nerve cells and about four times as many glial cells (supporting cells).
  • There already is evidence that thought is faster than light (thereby toppling Einstein’s relativity theory) *2
  • During an average lifetime, the heart pumps about 3 BILLION times and transports about 120 MILLION liters of blood.
  • The human body makes about 2 MILLION red blood cells EVERY SECOND!!
  • If you would put all of your DNA end to end, it would reach to the sun and back about 600 times. *3

So, when SENSING the above facts about the human body, don’t you get a feeling that there is something very, very intelligent that has created you? And doesn’t it make you a little more vast and also more humble?

And can you feel a sense of APPRECIATION toward whatever is creating these wonders every moment of your life? For every time you think, your body performs utterly amazing miracles. Do you also get the sense that life knows what it is doing?

Now, if you can, please keep this sense of AWE, WONDER AND APPRECIATION. Don’t lose it. This insight that you are a miracle makes it possible for you to get out of the narrow world that you have been taught to identify yourselves with.

Can you please acknowledge right now that you are a miracle! Say it loud to yourself or to somebody. Saying it out loud will make it more real for you.

For me, this insight happened many years ago when I was meditating on why my fingernails keep growing. The more I stared at my fingernails, the more amazed I became. And before I knew it, I was in AWE.

Once that insight had occurred, I was fully hooked on trying to find out what (or who) this creative energy is and why and how it has created existence.

Philosophically, I looked into several religions for answers but found out (to my disappointment) that there was not a single religion that provided any answer that was satisfying to me.

Why is there existence and who or what has created it and is creating it?

I spent 24 years with two different spiritual masters, living their teachings to the best of my abilities with body and heart.

I meditated and thought and searched.

But, as it turned out, no master could EVER tell me what the purpose of this existence is or why we have these amazing, miraculous bodies.

Today I simply call this energy the SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS and keep it a mystery. I stopped searching but keep every cell in my body open for an answer, if there is one (Life is more simple that way).

But…. Although the source itself is cannot be thought about, it IS possible to say that it is eternally NOW, and that it appears to have NO BEGINNING AND NO END. It includes everything there is, and is therefore ALL SPACE AND ALL TIME.

And all space and all time means by its very definition that the source is ALL POSSIBILITIES.

And by all appearances, the source of life is in EVERY SINGLE CELL OF YOUR BODY and can therefore be EXPERIENCED – which it is so vitally important that we get to really SENSE AND FEEL what is going on in the body (a.k.a. MEDITATION).

So now we find ourselves in the situation that we are here to thrive in a miraculous body, made by a source that is endless and timeless and includes all possibilities.

Let’s go a little further and explore space.



Lately it has become vital in my meditations to realize that I am SPACE.

So let’s meditate a little on space. What is space?

Here is what we know scientifically… (this is a little brainy, but please try to get a sense of what I am talking about)

For many, many years, scientists were convinced that the physical universe consists of objects that float around in empty space. In the larger cosmos, we see planets, starts, galaxies, etc, floating in space. In the micro-cosmos, we observe cells, protons, electrons, etc. also floating in space.

Ever since Isaac Newton, physics has tried to explain those various objects and their interaction with each other by looking for and finding physical laws that governed those objects (but largely ignored the space between objects by saying it was empty).

Since the birth of quantum physics, however, scientists have been puzzled by the fact that when we attempt to understand the sub-cellular structures such as protons and electrons, what we think of as physical matter is actually 99,9999% “empty space”.

In case you are unfamiliar with this, here is a short explanation:

The size of an atom is defined by the average location of its electrons; in other words how much space there is between the nucleus and the atom’s outer shell.

Apart from helium, each atom has a nucleus in which there are protons and neutrons. We know that the atomic nucleus is about 10.000 times smaller than the atom.

According to classical physics, around the nucleus swirl electrons. You probably learned this at school by visualizing little balls swivelling around the centre of an atom.

The number of electrons vary depending on the atom. Helium has one electron, oxygen has eight, sulphur sixteen, etc.

According to classical physics, those electrons swivel around the nucleus in layers. The first layer consists of two electrons, the second layer of eight electrons, the third has eighteen electrons, the fourth also eighteen, etc.

Between the layers is SPACE.

The mass of an electron is said to be almost 1,000 times smaller than the mass of a proton. That’s pretty small (but keep in mind that we cannot see an electron)

So, if the nucleus (proton) is 1/1oooo of the atom and the electron is 1/1ooo of the proton (inside the nucleus), how much empty space do we have between the nucleus and the outermost layer of electrons?

Well, if the nucleus would be the size of a peanut, the whole atom would be the size of a football stadium. And in between you find ”empty” space.

About 99,9999% empty space.

The logical conclusion is then that what you call your “body” is therefore almost 100% empty space. But you don’t experience that space in an ordinary states of mind, because from early childhood on you have been told to focus only on the 0,00001% matter that makes up your body.

And on top of that we also know now that this 0,00001 % of matter is actually an energetic fluctuation according to quantum physics. This means that the little electron balls that swirl around the atom are not fixed in space but actually pop in and out of existence.

So there is a lot of empty space in you. But is that space really empty?

Ever since the birth of quantum mechanics, we know now that ”empty” space is not empty at all but is actually seething with energy in an immaterial, electromagnetic form. Electromagnetism means waves, and electromagnetic waves carry INFORMATION.

So, that is how nature does it!

So you can say that you are an electromagnetic energy field that carries information.

But not just any information, but a beautiful harmonious, coherent information (coherent means the integration of diverse elements or values into a harmonious whole).

In fact, there is so much information in you that YOU CONTAIN THE BLUEPRINT FOR THE WHOLE UNIVERSE.

So, after all this heavy thinking, could you please acknowledge to yourself that somehow miraculously YOU ARE A HARMONIOUS REPRESENTATION OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IN A PHYSICAL BODY.

Try to wrap your brain around it. In my experience, most people that ponder this fact can in some way or other relate to it, because on a deep level everybody knows the truth.

And now it is only a tiny step further to get friendly with the idea that you have the power to influence this informational field…..



Somewhere along the line of my naturopathic studies, I realized that almost 95% of all disease is related to stress and the effect that stress hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol have on your cells and tissues. And that stressful thinking and feeling causes those stress hormones to kick in.

So much so that if you live your life in continuously stress (like many people do) it is difficult to have a healthy body; what you create under the constant influence of stress is a “stress body”. And a stress body gets easily sick.

So I eventually got my diploma and started practicing naturopathic medicine.

It did not take too long to find out that although diet, exercise, vitamins and minerals had great benefits for some people (especially for those people that were already very open to the idea that nature heals), others would simply not respond the way they should according to what I had learned in school (and those people were often the ones that were doubting or had difficulty complying with a treatment regime).

I quickly realized health was not something that comes by simply fixing someone’s diet, providing supplements and a good exercise regime.

I learned that it was as important as nutrition, etc, if not more important, to pay attention beliefs, attitudes, thought patterns, etc.

So then the following two question arose:

  • 1. “If 95% of diseases are caused by stress, could it be that stressful thoughts are at the root of all those diseases?”


  • 2.”What is the biochemical relationship between thought and the body?”

I also became very interested in the placebo effect – the fact that certain people get healthy against all expectations or never even get sick in the first place.

After a little while I was well acquainted with the psychological aspects of disease but what was lacking was a technique that could show that the placebo effect was scientifically provable and repeatable.

I knew there was a power of mind over matter, but how exactly was it done?

So I kept searching and learned more and better diagnostic and treatment techniques. I got into yoga and the miraculous world of Indian and Tibetan mystics.

All of my studies confirmed to me that there were many time-proven and well-researched ways to influence the human body via the brain and thinking. In other words mind governs matter.



Then about two years ago I got into the work of Dr. JOE DISPENZA, who’s life’s mission is to research what exactly it is that causes the seemingly miraculous healings known as the placebo effect.

Dr. Dispenza wrote an amazing book titled a href=”https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Joe-Dispenza/dp/1401944582″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” class=”links”>“YOU ARE THE PLACEBO” – and here I found many answers on how to SCIENTIFICALLY CREATE THE PLACEBO EFFECT AS A CONSCIOUS CHOICE.

To me, Dr. Dispenza is a genius and I feel incredibly grateful to him for doing the work he does.

* In case you have not heard of Dr. Joe Dispenza or read any of his books, I will put links at the end of this blog. They are among the best out there on the subject and I highly recommend you read all of them.




In his book “EVOLVE YOUR BRAIN”, Dr. Dispenza talks about 4 very important prerequisites that need to be in place for the placebo effect to happen. He interviewed many people who had had a miraculous healing and all agreed on the following four factors. So lets meditate on them.


To me, this inherent intelligence is the informational field that is in us, around us and everywhere. It is the 99,9999% of empty (quantum) space plus the 0,00001% of material energy fluctuation. This is the intelligence that is co-ordinating the trillions and trillions of biochemical reactions within you right now. It is the field of endless possibilities.

If it is this intelligent, it can certainly heal our body cells when they are sick!


Simply said what you think can make you sick. If you feel fear or panic about being infected by COVID-19 right now, that thought/emotion will change your body in some way or other.

Think of thought as a transmitter of electric frequency that you send out to interact with the field of possibilities. The field (being you) will then interact back with you in an effort to give you what you are thinking about. This is why prayer works. Every religion in the world uses this knowledge.

Without going further into it, EVERY thought will create a sequence of biochemical reactions, which will influence the genetic expression of your cells through processes called signal transduction and epigenetics. *5.

For example, simply think of your beloved and feel how your body will change. It is that simple.


One of the most important insights comes when you eventually realize that you are in charge of your own health by CHOOSING what to think and feel.

You know already that you can change your life by choosing what diet to follow, which exercise you want to do or whom you want to hang out with. But your own power actually goes way beyond that.

You are literally in charge of what and when to think, who you want to be, what your ideal work is, who your ideal partner is and ultimately if you get sick or not.


Point 4 is vital. This is a state where you can have a vision or an intention so clearly that it is MORE VIVID AND REAL than the life you are living right now.

You have experienced this state most likely when you watched your favorite TV show, a good movie or absorbing sports event. You become so involved that you literally forget that you have a body or who you are. You don’t think much and also tend to forget where you are. Afterward you may notice that you are identified with your favorite character or sports personality and subconsciously copy this or that behavior pattern that you admire so much.

In the same way you can create your own inner reality and by repeatedly practicing it in meditation and your daily life, your inner reality eventually becomes so real that it feels as if it has already happened. At the same time you do this, you physiologically change your body. This is how the miracle happens; the endless, timeless, universal energetic field of endless possibilities will always assist you by creating all the internal and external circumstances that will make your inner vision reality. This is the miracle of how you create health.

Any of those four points is very important. Please read through them again and take a little time and meditate on this. See if they ring true to you. If they do, learn them by heart.


After writing this now for 2 days, this blog has become very long. So, now I would like to summarize what I have so far:

We live in a miraculous body that has been created by a superintelligent source. This source is endless, timeless and has endless possibilities. Each possibility will express itself in space and time. I (you) can influence this intelligence by conscious choice.

The Source of life can protect and heal you.

The only questions left are:

“What do you consciously create?”


“How to do it”.

As to question 1, what you create is entirely up to you – you are free. As for me…, I have dedicated everything to love and the highest expression of the source consciousness through my actions.

as to question 2, here is how I do it…..



Every morning and most evenings I meditate for 50 minutes. This is my holy time where I get in touch with the Source and where I create my life and where I learn more about the mystery. Each point in my meditation I call a result – a result that I have created in my life.

I mentally repeat each result and then I spend time with it until


I roughly follow these steps……

I sit (I don’t lie) in a relaxed position – the body needs to be able to relax as I go deeper into meditation. When I lie down, I tend to go to sleep. My goal is to stay awake and conscious while my body deeply relaxes.




In the beginning of a meditation it is possible that your thoughts are all over the place. It’s the result of a stressful brain. It can’t relax easily. The mind rattles on without any clear direction. One of the best ways to deal with the restless mind is to watch your breath or to go into the space around your thoughts.

2. BREATH – I always start any meditation by observing my breath. Breath is incredibly important. Breath should be relaxed and natural to start off with. ALWAYS BREATHE THROUGH THEN NOSE. As you go deeper into meditation, you’ll find that your breath will get a little deeper, longer and slower.

3. GRAVITY – Breathe for a little while and then notice the pull of gravity downward to the earth. To me, gravity carries earth consciousness. Gravity will root the body to the ground and relax your muscles. Stay with gravity for a little while.

4. LEVITY – Levity is the opposite to gravity – the pull upward. Your body grows like a tree. You sit a little straighter, the space between your spine is a little more open.

5. SPACE INSIDE – Create space inside of you – one of my favorite ways to do this to go through the energy centers of the body (also known as chakras). Or create space in your head, or your torso, or your heart. There is space around your thoughts as well. If you have time, get in touch with the sense of space that is in your cells.

6. SPACE OUTSIDE – Then feel the space around the body. The space around your body is actually endless. Let the space take you wherever it will take you. Relax into space. According to Dr. Dispenza, meditating on space creates a special kind of meditative brainwaves called coherent alpha brainwaves. *6

At this time you might feel a little sleepy or your thoughts might try to interrupt you still. That is ok. If your head is bobbing up and down, that is ok, too. Every time you become conscious, go back to your meditation.

Now start using your brain in a creative way and say internally…




Feel your whole body, feel how every single cell of your body is totally healthy. How do you feel? Notice very clearly how you feel. Don’t let your mind try to pull you out of your feeling by thinking. Stay with how you would feel when you are 100% healthy. Remember (if need be) that you are creating miracles that your mind knows nothing about.


See and feel every body cell (remember the sense of awe) working in perfect harmony. In my own meditation, I work with certain fundamental aspects of metabolism. I will just list them here in case you are interested..

  • a) my water/electrolyte balance is perfect- think your blood flowing freely and distributing nutrients to your tissues and cells.
  • b) my anaerobic/dysaerobic cellular membrane permeability is in perfect balance – think of your cell membranes letting in the right nutrients for energy production.
  • c) my glucogenic/ ketogenic energy production is in perfect balance – think of being able to easily produce energy from carbohydrates, fatty acids and amino acids.
  • d) my sympathetic/ parasympathetic nervous system works in perfect balance – think of being easily able to relax and to easily cope with any stress if it arises.
  • e) my acid /alkaline balance is in perfect balance – think of optimal enzyme function (enzymes speed up metabolism and function optimally at pH 7.35 -7.45.
  • f) my prostaglandin/nitric oxide balance is perfect – think of no damage by Ω 3 and Ω 6 fatty acids and no damage bý excess nitric oxide.


This one is based on the research of Prof. Dr. Fritz Alfred POPP. Biophotons are light particles that are generated by the body. This means that our bodies are literally storing light. Dr. Popp has been researching these biophotons and their behaviour in cells and has found that in disease states cells lose biophotons. *7


Feel that every cell is vibrating or resonating with the SOURCE INTELLIGENCE. Whatever source intelligence means for you. In my own experience the Source is love in it’s purest form. It is a love so vast that it can give life to this entire existence. Stay with this sensation that your whole body resonates with the love or intelligence of the source.


Feel your brain embracing full capacity. Whatever that means for you. It is often said that we do not use all of our brain. That appears to be untrue. Through modern imaging techniques we know that most of the brain is almost always active. The intelligence factor is debatable of course. However, I believe that if our education system would be aimed at enhancing intelligence and if our nutrition would be optimal, our IQ’s would raise significantly. As I am aiming at fully utilizing my whole brain at top speed and top intelligence, this result is getting me into a state which I would describe as “all antenna’s open and tuned”.


Feel that you are getting all the nutrition that you need, every single cell is fully nourished. – In my own life, I aim at taking optimal supplementation with the best supplements currently available. I also eat in way that is healthy, providing me with the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. I make sure that I drink enough water – but I am also very relaxed with food. Food needs to taste good and I need to love what I eat.


If you know about energy centers and they have meaning for you, take a moment to go through them and feel every centre being balanced. – Myself, I work with eight energy centers, roughly the same as the energy centers known as chakras. Every energy centre responds to its own hormonal system and brain, so I go through them make sure they are in balance. if you like to learn more about energy centers, one of the best description I have found are in Dr. Dispenza’s book “Becoming supernatural”


If you feel that you do not exercise enough (as many people do), trust that your body knows what to do and that it will exercise when it needs to exercise. Feel the wisdom of your own body.


You are in charge of the expression of your genes. Feel how you switch on all those genes that enable you to love more and to live more consciously. There is a great book by Dr. Bruce Lipton, who goes into this subject. *5


I love my immune system. And especially today the immune system is more important than ever. I specify every morning what I want my immune system to do:

  • My immune system detects, engages, destroys and eliminates every single pathogen (disease causing) that has entered my body or is entering my body.
  • Every internal toxin, pathogen or wave vibration that can cause disease is being neutralized and eliminated.
  • Every pathogenic external microorgansim is detected, engaged, destroyed and eliminated. More precisely, this includes all pathogenic viruses, all pathogenic bacteria, all pathogenic fungi and molds and all pathogenic protozoa/parasites.
  • All external chemicals trying to enter my body are being neutralized and eliminated.
  • All harmful and pathogenic frequencies are neutralized.
  • All emotions that have nothing to do with love or the highest expression of the source consciousness are being transformed into a permanent state of love (in my experience all emotions are temporary, therefore I am creating a permanent state of love).
  • All thoughts that have nothing to do with love, health and the highest expression of the source consciousness are not permitted to enter. (In my experience, thought is almost always a past experience or association with the past – that is why I am not really interested in thinking. But if I have to think, I would like my thoughts to be conscious and under my conscious control)

Then I go into the following:

  • I am free of any physical compulsion, obsession, possession or manipulatio – think of being free from food addiction or exercise addiction.
  • I am free of any sexual compulsion, obsession, possession or manipulation. – think of being free from porno and psychic sexual fantasizing.
  • I am free of any emotional compulsion, obsession, possession or manipulation. – think of being free from old behavior patterns that cause you to be emotional.
  • I am free of any electrical compulsion, obsession, possession or manipulation. – think of being free from electromagnetic interference with your brain and body.
  • I am free of any psychological compulsion, obsession, possession or manipulation. – think of being free from old psychological ideas of how the brain or body works.
  • I am free of any psychic compulsion, obsession, possession or manipulation. – think of being free from influence by bodiless beings that influence you psychically
  • I am free of any spiritual compulsion, obsession, possession or manipulation. – think of being free from religion and belief systems.
  • I am free of any compulsion toward, obsession with, possession by or manipulation by artificial intelligence. – think of being free from addiction to mobile phones, computers and influence by nanotechnology
  • I am free of any compulsion toward, obsession with, possession by or manipulation by media. – think of being free from addiction to or manipulation by social media, news outlets or TV.
  • I am free of any compulsion toward, obsession with, possession by or manipulation by alien intelligence. – think of being free of manipulation by anything alien
  • I am free of any compulsion toward, obsession with, possession by or manipulation by anything else known and unknown.
  • If any tissue or cell within my body is adversely affected by my immune system and cannot function properly, this tissue or cell will be repaired or replaced. My beautiful, miraculous amazing body knows perfectly how to do this.
  • Overall I am living love and I am the living source consciousness

At the end of my meditation I say:


Once I have reached this point, I totally relax the brain activity that is needed to create my results and give them over to a higher intelligence. In other words, I stop thinking.

I know that I have communicated with the life inside of me and that this life knows precisely what I need and how to make my choices (results) come true. I know that I have activated a so-called spiritual magnetism that will draw my results to me.

All I need to do then is to live as if all my results have already materialized (which they already have in the field of possibilities. That is the law as I know it.


I know that this is a very long blog/writing, but I trust that this meditation of mine and the info in this blog will help you get through this stressful time and help you to grow in love and consciousness.

After all, this is what we are here for. TO GROW IN LOVE AND CONSCIOUSNESS.








*1 Harvard university: “Too much stress for too long creates what is known as ‘chronic stress’ which has been linked to heart disease, stroke, and may also influence cancer and chronic respiratory diseases. And illness is just the tip of the iceberg. Stress affects you emotionally, as well, marring the joy you gain from life and loved ones.” Harvard – stress and your heart

*2 – Physicist suggests speed of light might be slower than thought

*3 Facts about the body

*4 Dr. Joe Dispenza: “Evolve Your brain”

*4 Dr. Joe Dispenza: “Breaking the habit of being yourself”

*4 Dr. Joe Dispenza: “You are the placebo”

*4 Dr. Joe Dispenza: “Becoming supernatural”

* 5 Dr. Bruce Lipton: The biology of belief”

* 6 Coherence and Synchrony

* 7 Biophoton research