Communication is love is meditation

Have you ever noticed that there is something lacking in communication? That it is difficult to communicate with your partner?


That it is difficult for groups or nations to come to terms? Maybe you sent an email and got no answer? Send a text with no reply?


Did you ever talk to someone and have the feeling that you are not understood at all?


Ever noticed how little people speak the truth to each other? Tell each other what is really going on in their lives?


Have you ever noticed how little we talk about love to one another? Or got the impression that other people are not quite honest and are withholding something?


Would it be true to say that it is safe to talk about dogs, animals, weather, sports or diseases, while the really interesting things, such as one’s love life, one’s secrets, etc. are better left alone because it is “private” “impolite”, “embarrassing” or even considered “dangerous” to talk about those?


Would it also be true that most spiritual teachings that offer you guidance in life are often so clouded in mysticism and/or intellectualism that it almost impossible to understand what they mean (let alone live such a teaching practically)?


And you must have certainly noticed that there is a lack of love in this world?!


Love and communication are very much connected because…


CLEAR AND HONEST COMMUNICATION IS THE ESSENCE OF LOVE ….(as well as truth, health and intelligence)




My wife and I teach yoga practitioners to become yoga teachers.


Without going too much into the intricacies of our yoga teacher training, it is deeply in our interest to educate our students in the most professional and highest quality possible.


One of the most interesting facts regarding our training is that we have noticed from the very day one has been that those individuals who have learned how to communicate clearly and honestly with their prospective students were also those that were most successful during their training (as well as all other areas of their lives).


This is why we have made communication skills a priority in our training.






According to Wikipedia Communication is the act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic (meaning making) rules.


It is a simple fact of life that we communicate all day long with our partner, lover, children, friends, work associates, etc.


We also know that there is continuous communication between physical body cells. In fact, all your body cells “talk” all of the time. Not in words, mind you, but in energetic function and action.


There is communication between planets, stars and galaxies both energetically and mathematically.


Galaxies, stars, planets communicate with bodies, cells and sub-cellular structures.


In truth, you communicate with everything that is contained in the universe non-stop all of the time. Therefore:




If this headline is true, then the opposite is of course also true. In other words, a LACK of communication will result in disharmony and dysfunctionality – which is very much a hallmark of our times.


Let me digress a little and give you an example of malfunctioning communication from my professional life:


By profession I am a a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” class=”links”>doctor of naturopathy. In that capacity it is my responsibility to always search and find the best and most effective treatment for the cause of disease. This is what a naturopath does.


Now, as far as diseases are concerned, it should be obvious that disease cannot be healed by merely reducing the symptoms of disease without also understanding and addressing the cause of it.


So, in spite of all the inspirational, technological, life-saving things an aspiring doctor learns in medical school, the CLARITY of what actually causes degenerative disease is often woefully missing.


As an experiment, next time you are sick and see your doctor ask why you are sick and to please explain in detail. Chances are that the answer includes a virus, a bacteria, faulty DNA or is simply termed ideopathic (meaning he/she does not know).


The irony here is that there are very well studied (and published) metabolic control mechanisms in the body that, when out of balance, will be the cause of many of the most serious degenerative diseases that plague our societies.


Those metabolic imbalances are largely avoidable and reversible (What these metabolic control mechanisms are is beyond the scope of todays blog, but I will talk about these all important metabolic events at some other time, so please stay tuned).


For the wrong reasons these very, very important studies that explain those metabolic imbalances tend to be either ignored, misinterpreted or neglected by the medical/pharmaceutical community and therefore rarely reach the practice of the busy doctor (who has only so much time to read anyway, as you can imagine)


The fact that research exist that explains the cause of disease and the fact that this information is not given to the individual doctor is of course a blatant example of a malfunctioning communication.


So, why would this happen?


Why is it that in medical science this type of honest, impartial and scientifically factual observation is actually rather unwelcome (and often ridiculed)?


Well, if the truth would get out, this type of research carries the unwelcome possibility that the use of medications is substantially lowered. This of course will lead to lowered profits by the various pharmaceutical corporations.


As far as contemporary medicine is concerned, we live in a world where money comes before honesty, honor and truth!


So, trusting that he/she always get the right information, the well-meaning individual doctor conforms to the current flavor of the pharmaceutical market and dishes out of tons of medications that he/she has been told will help with a particular disease (many of which have well known unwanted side effects and can actually cause disease, as you can read on any medication package).


And while many honest doctors actually know that they are hampered and hamstrung by partial information, corporate profiteering as well as time restraints in the clinic, most don’t see any other choice than to do as instructed in medical school, lest malpractice claims or loss of medical license loom.






Let’s for a moment imagine a world where medicine is truly functional. All it would need is that the aspiring and well-meaning doctor learns how to actually LISTEN TO AND OBSERVE THE INTERNAL COMMUNICATION that goes on continually between organs, cells and sub-cellular structures, and then goes on to utilize his/her innate intelligence to connect the dots. And then let’s do that…




And all we would need after that is EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, which conveys the results of this type of objective research to the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the health food industry, medical facilities, the news outlets and the individual practices of doctors and other health professionals.


The pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the health food industry, medical facilities, the news outlets and the individual doctors would then go on to educate the public.


All in the spirit of honor, truth and honesty.


A dream? Not where I come from!






Now, After that little digression, let’s get back to communication and summarize our avenues of communication a little. Communication comes in many ways, such as:
  • MUSIC – an energetic phenomenon that can hardly be described in scientific terms. How do you explain that your whole body dances when you hear a catchy tune?
  • WORDS – verbal and written words are the preferred and accepted way to communicate ideas, thoughts, intellectual concepts and the like. Here we have newspapers, internet, social media, books, blogs, texting etc.
  • TOUCH – kinesthetic touch is a direct way of communication that is straight from one body to another, without interference of the thinking brain.
  • EXPRESSIONS – a smile will go a long way.
  • BODY LANGUAGE – visual communication – your whole body is a walking vocabulary.
  • ART – art touches on a deep sense of harmony that is also very difficult to explain scientifically.
  • EMOTION – many people respond to other people’s emotions. Advertising, the daily news, television, movies utilize emotions very effectively.
  • SEXUALITY – sexuality is an immediate and very powerful energy that is pleasurable and very primal.
  • MATHEMATICS – mathematics comprises a logical system of communication that is universally applicable and explains many so called “mysterious” events.
  • SUBLIMINAL – subliminal communication utilizes subconscious aspects of our lives (and which are often very difficult to notice). Many industries utilize this type of communication for various types of gain.
  • TELEPATHIC – telepathic communication is direct transmission of energies from one being to another without any medium. Telepathic communication is a bit difficult for us to grasp at this point in time, but maybe the most important type of communication of the future.
  • BEING – being is the wholeness of yourself communicating directly to the wholeness of another being. All of these methods of communication have the potential to express honesty, beauty, intelligence, spirit and true love.






The last two aspects of communication (telepathic and being) will be very important in the future.


In yogic science there is the concept of the cycle of the yugas. Yugas are the recurring ages (also called epochs or eras). One yuga cycle spans over roughly 24.000 years and is divided into four ages. After one yuga cycle has finished the next one starts. An ongoing spiral movement through time and space.


The four yugas are: KALI YUGA (iron age), DWARAPA YUGA (bronze age), TRETA YUGA (silver age) and SATYA YUGA (golden age).


Satya yuga marks the golden age of humankind – a kind of paradise state of consciousness. This is where we are currently headed.


Satya yuga can be vaguely imagined as a time where consciousness is in its most enlightened form and all beings consciously share in the ONE SOURCE of life. Communication is instant and includes all beings. The quality of communication is love.


All of the yugas have very succinct aspects. Without going into too much detail, we are currently in the ascending Dwarapa yuga (going toward first Treta yuga, then Satya yuga, a journey that will take about 10.000+ years).


What is interesting about DWARAPA YUGA is that it is a time which will see an incredible speeding up of TIME, INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION. Have you noticed?


This is so, because in Dwarapa, man and women realize the electromagnetic nature of life (as opposed to the material nature which was the belief of the Kali yuga, roughly held for about 2400 years).


The electromagnetic nature of life enables the speeding up of time, information and communication as we are currently witnessing through social media, the internet and mobile devices. Something that took days and months (letters and postal services) today takes less than the split of a second (email, texting, etc.) And it gets faster every day until no more devices are needed.


So, as far as technology is concerned our CAPACITY for communication is well on track within the cycle of the yugas.


(If case you would like to read more about the yugas, I recommend the excellent book by Joseph Selbie and David Steinmetz ”The Yugas”)






With all this technology at hand you would think that it is easy to get the QUALITY of communication right, isn’t it?


What we are witnessing, however, as far as human consciousness is concerned, is that we seem to be taking our sweet time to adjust to the SPEED OF CONSCIOUSNESS that is technologically already possible.


But you might have already observed that millions of people around the world wake up to a more conscious reality of existence every day.


And you are probably also aware that the majority of the world’s population still appears to be dragging around old out-dated concepts, old emotions, old traditions that do nothing much other than to drag the down the speed of consciousness (as well as love).


This, too, is Dwarapa yuga in action, as cosmic energies slowly start cleaning the psyche of thousands of years of accumulated matter. It takes time, but time is what we have!


As far as Dwarapa yuga consciousness is concerned, it is inevitable that communication (and consciousness) will speed up as time goes by (and will take another 2000 years or so to move on the next stage, Treta).


So we do have time to get our communication right.


And this is where meditation comes in.






The essence of MEDITATION is simply being and living as much as possible in the HERE AND NOW.


As living in the here and now has been publicized a great deal in recent years, I like to add here that there are certain limitations to being “here and now”.


Because if you are totally in the “here and now”, you disappear as time disappears (there is no time in “now”).


However, it can be said that the closer you get to the state of NOW, the faster you and your consciousness become. (eventually, though, you will disappear as this life is an illusion created by time and space – one of the paradoxes of the so called “spiritual life”).


Practically speaking, being in the state of now requires you to develop a certain internal speed that enables you to let go of anything that will drag you back in time (which is practically any unnecessary thought process).


This means that you will need to learn to let go of all unnecessary thinking and emotion.


You will need to learn how to use your brain rather than being used by your brain.






Let’s tie all of this together.


Unless communication is based in this above mentioned conscious speed, it will always be dragged down by thought and emotion.


Please take a moment and read this again.


Unless you become able to have sufficient speed to let go of old thoughts, emotions, attitudes and traditions, you will be slowed down in what, how and when you communicate.


(And if it so happens that you are dragged down by thoughts, emotions or traditions, you will have to go through them and wait until the next moment arrives where you are fast enough to step out of them. We call this process evolution).


There is another way of saying this: Both thought and emotion often stand in the way of love.


PLEASE KNOW THAT LOVE IS NOT AN EMOTION (although it has been greatly emotionalized). LOVE is the truth of life, your birthright. Love is stillness, eternity, timeless, the all and everything. In fact, in love, all your thoughts and emotions disappear as you are filled with nothing but love and life.


So, the more you learn to live moment to moment, letting go of any thought and emotion that is unnecessary, the more you will experience love.


(Please note, this does NOT mean that you never think. You definitely need to think and plan to live this life. What you are learning do is to use your thought processes when you need them and shut them off after you are done with thinking. Just like a computer).


When practicing letting go and living in the here and now, you will also start to notice different energies within yourself that were covered over by cluttering thoughts and emotions. These include:






Here is a law of life:


“Honest communication will speed up love and honor, which will speed up truth, which will speed up intelligence, which will speed up communication, which will speed up love and so forth”


What we have here is a positive cycle of growth. As far as my experience goes, everything living falls under this law of life. To me, this is why I am here.






How can you learn to consciously communicate?


There are several very practical steps that can be done at any time of the day:


TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE. You are responsible for your own life. No one else is.


I know this is sometimes difficult to grasp, and there are countless examples that seem to negate this statement. In may ways, it appears that the external circumstances dictate the life of the individual.




It is true that for many individuals on this planet the external circumstances have become so pressing and unavoidable that it seems to be impossible not to be victimized. You might be living in a war-torn country or suffer from the exploits of an unfair taxation system. You might have lost everything because of natural causes or be the victim of sexual or emotional abuse. I understand.


And STILL it is always possible to take responsibility for your life.


The responsibility I talk of here is an internal psychic process whereby I stop blaming anybody or anything for the circumstances of my life (and this especially includes blaming myself).


For the average person, there are many, many, many instances in the day where you can chose to not talk about how bad it all is, how hard it is for you, how sick you or somebody you know are, how wretched life is, etc.


And for those that have been truly victimized (such as sexual of emotional abuse) and are in need of therapy, please do not hesitate to ask a professional for help for as long as you need. Therapists provide love in action. Let love in again. Do not let your experiences break you. Life IS good!


There are equally many, many, many instances in the day where you can be more honest and true. Here is a list….


  • Many times in the day you can (and must) stop negativity in your thought processes.
  • Start to speak in a way that acknowledges the good and beautiful.
  • Learn to trust your own intuition more.
  • Change your dietary habits. (If you don’t know what that means, get in touch with me. This is my area of expertise. You’ll find a mailing list on this page. Leave me a message there).
  • Examine what you are doing and why you are doing it.
  • Make an effort to find out who you really are. There are many ways to do this. Really get to the truth and the bottom of it all. Life will assist you if you are sincere.
  • Avoid long drawn out conversations in your head that nobody hears but you (In fact, stop thinking all together if there is nothing specific to think about.)
  • Learn how to be in your body without thinking.


Before you know it, your life circumstances will start to change for the better.






To take responsibility for love, you start by expressing love more and more in your daily communication. Especially with your partner start talking about love and acknowledge love many, many times in the day.


Show it. Buy flowers. Touch often and be available. This is what brought you together in the first place.


Do not listen to negativity – neither from others or your own.


There is a lot of superficial negativity that clutters up the psyche and the communication between people. Only the speed of consciousness and love can break through this layer of accumulated junk.


  • When you answer emails and text messages – say thank you. Acknowledge that someone you know cared enough about you to send you something.
  • Listen when other people talk to you. Answer when you are asked a question.
  • Show yourself to other people and talk to them.
  • Talk about what you love in life, the stuff interests you. The beautiful things, everything that is good.
  • Drop the small talk, if possible, and talk about things that go a little deeper (or a lot deeper).
  • Start practicing honesty (especially to yourself).
  • Acknowledge other people for their contribution to your life.
  • Do not take anybody for granted.






Meditation means nothing else but consciously being in your body NOW. At any time!


If you do nothing else, meditation will teach you how to get out of your head and into your body.


As a word of caution though, drop any tradition! The reason? Traditions are all based in the past and you are here and now! (Traditions are great entertainment for the brain, while real life is now).


Meditation will get you in touch with both the spirit of life and the love of life directly. No interpreter needed.






You are here in this body for a limited period of time. During that time, celebrate. You are here to enjoy life.


Above you have a list of the different ways to communicate. Cultivate some of those those.


  • Dance more….
  • Sing more …
  • Touch more….
  • Laugh more…
  • Walk in nature….
  • Be who you really are…
  • Trust life…
  • Get out of your head and into your body…
  • Make love…..
  • Always acknowledge the beauty of life wherever and whenever you can.


Always, always put love first. Do this in your thoughts, in your actions and in your communication.


Happy new year 2018