MEDITATION – Why meditate?

So that you can see that you are All THAT IS, All THAT HAS EVER BEEN and All THAT WILL EVER BE.

Could it get any better than this headline?

After having to deal with the events of last four years, which brought us a worldwide deceit, many lies and much upheaval on many levels, the one thing that has kept me sane in this crazy world is meditation.

This is so, because meditation is the one thing that connects you and me and everybody with the true spirit of life.

And the beauty is that meditation is something you can choose to do at any time, in the day, at night when you are awake, in the coffee shop, in the restaurant or even on the toilet, for example. You can sit, walk, be still or move. It does not matter. Wherever and whenever you meditate, the process of meditation simply connects you to who you really are.

To be clear, there are many different descriptions of what meditation means, and that is fine by me, because there are many ways to meditate. Which meditation is right for you simply depends on who you are and which “channels” to the reality of life you have open.

These “channels” are determined by what kind of life you have lived and what kind of experiences you have made. And as we have all experienced very different types of life, our channels to the truth within are sometimes quite different!

What is important, however, is that when you find a meditation that is right for you:


You will feel like you are waking up.

I’d would also like to add that the meditation experience will lead you into some aspects of life that still are not really known. As some experiences are not known and are possibly experienced for the first time ever, it is understandable that these experiences cannot be explained by what we call “science”. So if that ever happens to you, it is perfectly fine.

In most cases however, the experience of not really knowing what is going on, is mainly because very, very important aspects of who you really are, are currently simply not yet known or are being withheld.

In truth we are all truly spiritual beings, but as spirit is not directly visible, it can be hidden away or is missed. And When that happens, it becomes possible to make us believe that we are way smaller and less powerful than we really are.

However, as in reality spirit governs everything in life, this spirit is very much, much larger and much, much deeper than what we are being told. And it is exactly this spirit that is breaking through thousands of years of confinement these days. (And please remember, that Spirit includes all material aspects as well as all non-material aspects of life.)

To say it simply:

Meditation will wake you up. And once you are awake, you can clearly see for yourself what is real and what is not really real (an illusion). And when that happens, you start to live a different life.

This is a process that never stops. It is a life quest.