There really is a state within the so called ”mind” that is right here, right now and that is fulfilled every moment of the day (and night).

And it’s really not that difficult to get there, because it is our most natural state and is already within.

It’s also a very simple state – no wanting anything, not going somewhere, no dealing with anything – and it sure is very relaxing.

In my own experience there a lot of people for whom the states of joy and fulfillment in life are more of a goal than actually real right now.

So this state, which is also the absence of unhappiness, is really good news -to be fair to all the men and women who are living this or have lived throughout the ages, it’s not news really as it has been known for a long time – but it is really good news anyway once you discover it for yourself



Is it true that most of the time your thinking and your emotions go into wanting some sort of more power?

That can be material power that comes with things like phone, computer, or holidays, or it can be mental power like information of some kind. It can also be emotional power like wanting to be happy and excited all the time. Or then there is spiritual power like being some type of being more holy or more enlightened. spiritual).

The point is that any of these will promise more fulfillment, more joy and more love in the future

Well, as funny as it may sound, in my own experience living in this wanting way actually prevents the natural states of joy and love that are already in me right now. It’s a bit like thinking and planning for my heart to beat some future day, while in fact my heart is beating right now.

As we at STILLPOINT are all about writing everything down that otherwise tends to disappear in the psychic field, here is a BASIC MEDITATION that will open the way to the NOW, which is where you find the love of life – and the nice thing is, this meditation can be done at any time. Sitting, standing, washing the dishes or sitting on the loo for example.




You enter the sensations of the body. You can feel your body warmth, you can feel gravity pulling you down, you can sense your blood circulation, and you can sense the movement of breath…- if you get really good at this you can feel your organs, body cells, fascia, meridians etc.

You can call it body scanning, if you like, but please remember the one rule: you have to FEEL what you are doing and not think about it.. There is a big difference between feeling (sensating ) and thinking.



You enter the 6 senses.You consciously become aware of sound, smell, touch, sight, taste and the sense of space.The trick is that body sensations and senses can only be experienced in the NOW. So if you ever wonder if you are actually in the NOW (and not thinking or daydreaming) you can get back into you sensations and senses.

You also know you are awake when you can feel those sensations and senses, as being awake has it’s own “taste”, so to say.Very simple, very effective. And when it happens to you you know why it is called an “AHA moment” as you wake up to the moment.

When you practice this sufficiently long (how long depends on you and your life circumstances) it becomes very easy to stay awake in your body’s senses and sensations – at any time of the day.



The third step is to become first aware ofF and then observe the movements of your thoughts and emotions – for example where do they come from, what is their effect on the body, nervous system etc. – this is similar to what scientists do when observing some object under the microscope, only you do this internally.

When practicing this regularly, at some stage you will realize that thoughts and emotions are actually a field around the body trying to get into you, while the love and joy of life that are already inside your body are trying to live and get out – in other words thoughts and emotions sit on top of love and life.

Here are a few tips:

Realizing the truth of thinking and emotion can take a long time and definitely a lot of love. You may find yourself repeatedly lost in thought and/or emotion. That’s fine – no stress please. You have all the time in the world and it will happen anyway. It’s the way of love, time and space.

But really this is the part of meditation that is the most tricky, because as far as thoughts are concerned there are endlessly many variations ranging from mild day-dreaming to very difficult compulsive.

And the same is true for emotion. Emotions range from let’s say mildly annoyed to severely traumatic (and need professional help to deal with).

On a larger scale (that is, evolutionary speaking) we as individuals are involved in a long term process that will eventually take every single individual out of thought and emotion and straight into the spirit. In traditional yogic terms this process is know as ending the wheel of karma.

Tradition aside however, when that state happens to you, it will happen in the NOW (there are no traditions in the NOW – it is always new, for the first time). In other words when it happens it will be a NOW like this moment here right now is a NOW.

And once that insight has happened to you – it means that you gathered sufficient speed of consciousness – it then becomes fairly easy to step out of ANY thought and/or emotion and get into the body sensation on an increasingly permanent base. It will be your second nature (and will eventually become your first nature).

In modern terms this is known as SOMATIC CONSCIOUSNESS

When this somatic consciousness has taken sufficient root in you, you have a sense that LIFE is taking over. When that happens you will notice several things:

  • you are less and less caught up with thinking and emotions.
  • you will feel more love, life, gratitude, beauty, creativity.
  • you notice that your life gets less complicated and gradually easier.
  • you become aware of an amazing amount of synchronicity.

Eventually thoughts and emotions (because they are in a field around you – never inside you) stop interfering with your love and your life for good. Life then completely takes over – the same life that is the intelligence that makes your heart beat or which regulates any of the billions of biochemical metabolic reaction in the body. In other words the miracle of life takes over.

And of course the beauty of all this is that you can test it for yourself. Give it time. If you are unsure, you can listen to the “RING OF TRUTH” (as my own teacher Barry Long used to say), simply because you are intelligent and SOMETHING INSIDE YOU ALWAYS KNOWS THE TRUTH.