10 suggestions to change yourself

Initially I was going to write about dignity and grace, as the theme of my last two blogs was to explore and develop the inner senses.


But while preparing to write about dignity and grace, I had an intelligent exchange with a German friend of mine about the “social structure of the future”.


I had just studied the concept of Michael Tellinger’s “Ubuntu contributionism” and wanted to tell my friend about this.


While my friend is a proponent of propertarianism” (a concept that it’ll take me time to wrap my brain around), I was talking about how people can use their creative power to work together to create abundance without being controlled by a “higher” power, which is what Ubuntu is all about.


(I’ll be talking about Ubuntu next time, because to me it is one of the most promising endeavors to create a more real society and it is actually happening).


Somewhere along the line of our conversation, I realized that in order for us to change as a people in general (meaning as a world population), there will have to be very definite and practical steps, if there is to be any chance of growing into a higher density of being – a term that is currently catching the “new age” movement (higher density means a change in vibration that allows for more love, unity and intelligence – as opposed to war, division and tabloid intelligence)


Just as a side note: “People”, from my perspective, do not exist. To me there are only individuals, which live together on this planet in mutual agreement. Therefore, “people” cannot change; any change will have to be individual.


This means you and I will have to take responsibility to actually make this change happen.


So I came up with a list of inner changes that every individual will have to go through as a process.


All of the aspects mentioned on my list come form my own experience. I am a very practical man and I have an engineering mind. I only do what works. So, everything you read on that list is what i have done or am doing.


Here is the list:




Learning to love is the very foundation if this existence is ever to change for good. Love is ubiquitous. It is everywhere in the universe. To me love is the only power that is strong enough to give birth to this amazing vastness of the cosmos. Billions upon billions of stars are there because someone or something loved so much and gave birth to this amazing multitude. Love is the quality of the cosmos.


Learning to love in daily life, however, requires work and willingness to change. Learning to love is very, very, very practical and involves everyday changes in behavior. It is not a spiritual kind of thing where I sit somewhere and imagine the world being a better place.


Love is always done in the body, in daily action, NOW.


Also, In my experience, it is not enough to just telling people to “love more”. As nice as that sounds, it is the detailed “how to actually do it” that counts. Which is why I have added a little “HOW TO DO IT:” for every section. These are things that I have done that are actually working.


Love, when lived moment to moment, will break through all accumulated fear barriers, traumas and layers of ignorance. It is one of only two powers (the other one is meditation) that will effectively break through the psychic amnesia that has been brainwashed into us by education, school, media, belief systems and other forms of systematic misinformation.




Practical love involves that you put love first in your life. Always. You do NOT put money first, nor the kids, nor career, nor any belongings or any belief system. LOVE FIRST, always. Everything else comes after.


For example, this requires you to say to your beloved partner (if you have a partner) many times a day “I love you”, and to really mean it!


Half-hearted relationships create half-hearted love. Half-heartedness- , familarity- and companionship type of relationships, etc. are all too often what people settle for once the fire of love has gone. What you get as a result is a sort of half-life, a relationship full of compromises that maybe be financially and socially secure and safe, but it is not love.


In my experience, If I cannot say honestly “I love you” anymore, it is more honest to break up than live a charade. Or you may ask professional help if you feel there is still a chance for love to flower again.


Any way, you will make way for more love to come in the future.


Love requires that you demonstrate it IN ACTION. This means that you might have to give up your other side interests, if needed.


In other words, you put your life on the line for love. You love 100%, not part-time. You give everything to your lover and to love. Physically, financially and otherwise.


You also make physical love often; you drop all your shame. There is no shame in love.


Do not fall into the trap of celibacy. Celibacy is one of the worst ideas ever. It only serves to enslave and suppress your beautiful sexuality. It has been glorified as a “spiritual” practice. Celibacy is not a spiritual practice. If you try it, you will find that you cannot stop thinking about the sexual act and as a result you will need to suppress it. This will produce sexual aberrations in the psyche. You can frequently read about the results those aberrations in newspaper articles regarding church pedophilia cases and other forms of sexual abuse.


You talk to your children about love, you acknowledge love wherever and whenever you can. You see it in flowers, you see it in your own actions. You learn to touch in love, transform your body into a love body. A love body is soft, pliable and receptive.




These recommendations might sound simple, idealistic or even extreme. Depends on who you are. They might even sound quite risky to those that are afraid to love. Yes, it is the most difficult thing to do, I know! But it is also the most important thing that you can possibly do in this existence!


Love lived this way will bring up a lot of resistance and withholding until the “Self” disappears.


“Self” is the all the little things and ideas that you would like to keep private. The things you don’t want to give up for love.


But nevertheless, you have to be vigilant, avoid familiarity and keep going for as long as you feel that there is love.


But, wonder of wonders, once the “Self” disappears, love can take over and the whole of life is right there for you; you’ll be amazed.


Honestly, I don’t know many individuals that can do this, but those that do have my utter respect.






The truth is the fact of life, that, what is really going on behind the scenes without tainting it by wishful thinking or emotional interpretation.


The fact of life and the truth of life have nothing to do with the ideas about life that have been indoctrinated into us from early up-bringing throughout our education system, our universities, our media and our various belief systems.


The fact of life is NOW, this famous “living in the moment” that is luckily so prominent in the current spiritual movements.




If you want to learn to live and recognize the truth, you will first need to endeavor to live more in the moment.


This means you need to be in your body more. You need to learn at will to suspend your thoughts and feel your body sensations. You can do this by feeling your warmth, earth’s gravity, your breath and your five external senses.


If you sufficiently practice this, you will gradually notice that you are thinking less. Maybe just a little in the beginning but anything it is good start.


When you are thinking less you allow LIFE to live you. The same LIFE that runs your amazing body and organizes trillions of biochemical harmonious processes. Wouldn’t you agree that if LIFE is intelligent enough to do this, it can certainly figure out what work is good for you, whom to spend time with?


Let your body decide.


Eventually you come to a point where thinking happens only when you choose to think.


In fact, if you try it now, you’ll find that it is actually impossible to be NOW and think. You’ll find that you hop from your body to your brain and back. If you are really NOW, all your attention will be drawn into observing this amazing sensational body of yours.


Simultaneously, you start learning what the truth feels like. The sense of the truth is very physical, because your whole body reverberates when you hear the truth. That is why it feels so good when the truth is out.


So, next time you hear the truth about something, be still and notice what goes on in your body. You’ll notice that your whole body resonates with the truth, the ring of truth.


“Ah, so this is what is really going on”, you say. Watch that sensation next time this happens to you. That is the resonance of the truth.


Also, when you speak to yourself and others, check if you are speaking the truth or if you are telling a little lie.


Slowly and gradually, you will get used to speaking the truth more often.


And your life will not be the same anymore.






Honesty is an absolute requirement for growing into more intelligence. Honesty is being able to be honest to yourself first.


Honesty is being able to see the fact of life.




To be honest, you have to get to know who you really are.


Start by daily meditating to get a break from your automatic thinking. 5 – 10 minutes a day is a good start.


Learn to slow down and observe yourself , your actions and the results of your actions.


Becoming honest can be a bit scary at first. If you lie and cheat, admit it to yourself. Maybe a relationship is finished and you don’t want to see that it is. Your salary is too little and you are afraid to ask for more money. Your friends talk gossip all the time and you are really fed up with it yet you go on gossiping yourself because you are afraid to loose your friends. Maybe you are addicted to something but insist you are not.


Avoid falling into the trap of guilt. Guilt does nothing other than make you feel wretched about what you are or what you have done. Realize that in this society almost everybody lies or cheats. That is the world we have created. This world is not built on honesty. So you can let go of the guilt and admit to yourself who you are or what you have done. Then take action to reverse the situation, if you can.


Start taking responsibility for your own life, stop blaming other people or circumstances. See what you can do about those circumstances and take action for the better.


In case your honesty opens up traumatic events form the past, please use the help of professionals. These beautiful caring people are educated to bring more honesty into life and can show you how to apply this to your individual situation.


Be honest to the people that you love, but most of all, be honest to yourself. Honesty will change you.




The way I see things, if we want any change for the good, there will have to be more honesty. No more hiding in the closet, no more shady deals.


This of course goes not just for our own “private” lives, but also for the politics of nations and the currently dishonest dealings of multinational corporations.


Would it not be nice if companies would always speak the truth, if politicians would tell you what is really going on? Would that be nice? Does that not ring a bell in you? That is the ring of honesty.






Dignity is an inherent, inborn sense of who you really are.


As strange as it may sound, you are not who you think you are.


Here is what you really are:


  • You are an absolutely amazing physiological wonder. Billions upon billions of cells working in harmony to create this amazing body that you carry around.

  • You are the bringer of the truth.

  • You are the guardian and maker of love.

  • Your body and spirit is full of light, every cell shines with it. It is called “biophoton luminescence”
  • .


  • You are also responsible for your own existence. You have the power to change your life the moment you decide to do so.

  • You are the very source of life because you are the only “I” in the entire universe (more about this later)


It will be a wondrous moment when you realize this.




Meditate on the subjects I just mentioned:


Contemplate your own physical body – it’s complexity it’s amazing harmonious biological interaction.


What does it mean to you to be the bringer of truth? How can you be more truthful and communicate that truth to others?


Contemplate on what it means to love. What does ” sacred” mean to you? What is the job of a guardian? What does a guardian protect? The sacred space of love!.


Contemplate on what it means that you are making love. You are creating love, by your actions, by your smile, by your talk, by the way you are.


Close your eyes and notice that your body has light within it. It is never completely dark inside your body, even in a darkened room. That is your light, your own luminescence. The more your consciousness grows, the more you density shifts to another level. The more you do that, you’ll notice that you feel more light inside. You are becoming luminescent (enlightened, if you wish).


Follow your intelligence and ask what the SOURCE is. At any time in your life you can ask “Who or what created this whole existence”? Follow that line of inquiry with your own intelligence and you will eventually find out that YOU ARE THE SOURCE.






Communication is the foundation of a harmonious “us”.


“Us” is any society, a congregation of individuals.


Each and everyone of us is a wonderful biological and spiritual individual entity that contributes to the whole of existence. Each is unique. On this planet alone we have currently 7.442 billion unique people that have the ability to create a harmonious biosphere and infrastructure where everyone can live without want.


This is of course in stark contrast to what is actually happening. Currently almost every single one of these wonderful unique biological and spiritual individual entities is subdued and goaded into serving a minority of individuals that run this planet through war, fear, banking, money, rules, politics, technology, food control, energy manipulation, belief systems and pharmaceuticals.


It does not have to be like this. There is no cosmic law that tells us that this is the only way to live together. We can live together harmoniously and intelligently by raising our consciousness. If not now, than certainly in times to come.


One of the first steps towards this is to learn to communicate effectively. To learn to say honestly what is going on, to not withhold, to express love, to share, to give.




I wrote a lot about communication in an earlier blog. There are a lot of ideas in that blog that you can use to learn to communicate differently. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Learn to speak honestly what is going on.


Stop withholding, give what you have and know to others.


Dare to express love.


Speak to other people, don’t hide. Make friends.


If you share information, make an effort so that most people will be able to understand what you are talking about.


If you give information, share all the relevant information, not just bits and pieces here and there.


If you are shy, make an effort to break through that shyness. Take baby steps, trust that you are beautiful and worthwhile listening to.






To me, there is only ONE source of life, one enormously large cosmic energy field, if you will.


Here is a word about aliens:


There is a huge community of people in the world that are fascinated by aliens and alien life forms. I am one of them. I truly enjoy Corey Goode and other whistleblowers. Most of these gutsy people feel very genuine to me and I get the sense that I am being told the truth.


But what is the fascination with aliens, really? Is it really so startling that we are not alone in the universe? My gut feeling says that there are there are countless alien life forms. And why shouldn’t there be? There are countless life forms on this planet alone!


In the end, though, when it comes down to it, we all come form the same SOURCE, right?


And a word about spirits:


Spirits, ghosts, entities without a body or channeled beings seem to need us for whatever reason. And they are certainly real. Spirits can be of course “good” or “evil”. Some “good” spirits appear to be genuinely concerned for the well-being of all of us, while other “evil” spirits will suck our precious life force like leeches. Can you tell which one is which?


I am reminded on something one of my other teachers (Stuart Wilde) once said: “How can you know that the spirit of a person who was as thick as a brick while having a body, is not still as thick as a brick while being in the afterlife”?


From what I have learned, some “evil” spirits are experts at posing as “good” ones ( they have had millennia of practice, after all ) and then go on to tell us that they need something from us, like our attention, our minds or our emotions.


As for me, I am not willing to take a chance with any bodiless entity, as enticing as that may be. I never channel or talk to spirits. I use my own pure inborn intelligence to look straight into life, into me. No spirits needed. All I ever need is right here, in me. All my truly life changing insights have come from this amazing being within.


As I said, to me there is only ONE COSMIC SOURCE of life, which is divided into billions and billions of physical bodies (alien, human, flora, fauna), non-physical bodies (spirits and ghosts) and whatever may fall in between (fairies, elves, etc.).


As all of these are nothing else but billions upon billions of fractal expressions of the same SOURCE, why not go straight to the source? After all, this is where I came from, right? So it must be still within me!


I realized quite early in my life ( pretty much right after I found out that there were girls around, which was very distracting, I admit 🙂 ) that I realized that the whole of existence is inside of “me”. That pretty much blew my mind. I also realized that for anything to be there “outside” of me, “I” have to be there first.


In other words, all the billions of fractal expressions of life are in me. I perceive them with my brain. If there are ever any aliens on my doorstep, I will see them with my brain and my eyes. Everything that is “out” there, is really within. A giant hologram that I project from the “inside” to the “outside” to create this amazing three dimensional bubble I call reality and in which I act out my whole life.


So it is understandable that it has always been strange to my thinking that we spend so much time, so many resources and much effort to examine parts of the whole, be that under the microscope or by searching alien life forms on other planets.


I can understand the excitement and value of the microcosmic and macrocosmic world, of course. But why lose track of the whole and get lost in the parts? Why not divert more of our resources to look straight into the SOURCE of life?


So, I always go back to the source itself. I am pretty one pointed in that. I am right up there looking into the source every day.


Here is what I have found (and I have to give give credit to my long time teacher Barry Long here – when he mentioned this, then penny really dropped):


There is only one “I” in the universe.


This “I” is in everyone.


One “I”, many beings. One “I”, many “you’s”.


Isn’t it obvious (and even logical), that “I” am the center of the whole universe? That “I” am the singularity?


That “I” am the ONE, the source of life!!! ( think what that does for creating a sense of dignity?).


This is what any master means when he/she says “I AM”.




Meditate on being the center of the universe. Entertain the possibility that you are creating all this.


Start to understand that there is only one “I”.


One “I” surrounded by many, many “you’s”


That “I” is in you, the reader, right now.


Once you fully understand that, responsibility for your own existence comes easy!






Meditation is the other way that I know (apart from love) that enables an individual to pass through the veil of amnesia that has been programmed into us. The veil of amnesia is the fogginess in our brain that makes it impossible for us to see what life is all about, why we are here, what physical death is, etc.


I have listened to many masters, asked many questions and read many books, but so far no one has satisfactorily been able to answer the question “Why is there an existence in the first place?”


The bible says: “In the beginning was the word” – right, sure, and where the word come from??


Australian aboriginal lore says: “I the beginning was the rainbow serpent”? – that is very nice, but where did that reptile come from?


The latest version I heard was that first there was the SOURCE of everything, then the SOURCE got bored and replicated itself to experience itself. Really???? – An emotional source?


But if we use our own intelligence to figure out this all-important question, most often we hit the veil of amnesia. Meaning we can’t remember anything about where we came from, what was there before birth, after death, etc.


It’ s a bit like having global Alzheimer’s, the disease that wrecks people’s lives. And just like the devastating disease, the veil of amnesia messes up our lives.


As the veil of amnesia has been drilled into us through many hours of indoctrination (read: schooling, universities, scriptures, media), it is up to each and everyone of us to remove it.


There are many tricks that keep the amnesic veil in place. Here are the two main ones: Automatic thinking and over-indulgence into emotions. (some of the other tricks are drugging us, providing low quality food, subliminal messages, artificial telepathy, etc.)


Pure thinking is part of our inherent abilities to both biologically and psychically store information and create memories. Pure thinking was never meant to run our lives. Pure thinking was meant to evaluate data and create a course of action, when needed.


You can in a very limited sense compare the brain to a biological computer that is used to create new ideas out of old ideas. (but computers cannot create which is not yet known)


And just like any old computer, you use your bio-computer when needed and shut it off when not needed.


Emotions are temporary biological and psychic responses to situations. Emotions are also a part of the developmental phase from childhood to adulthood. Many, many emotions, such as shame, fear, anger, resentment, greed, envy, jealousy, etc. are absolutely unnecessary in a loving environment. They might surface temporarily but rather quickly disperse in time, unless we feed them. War, violence, greed, terrorism, etc. are all a result of our preoccupation with emotion.


Emotions are meditated in the body through very fast and reactive nervous system responses as well as somewhat slower hormonal changes. As a result, every time you are emotional, your metabolism changes, your pure intelligence clouds over until the source of the emotion has passed or your body has settled down.


Just like a child that grows into an adult, we as a species will need to eventually learn to how to grow out of our emotions.


Please understand that energies like love, empathy, compassion etc. are NOT emotions. They are the very nature of our being.


What happens when you stop automatic, habitual thinking? What happens when you stop being emotional? Do you think you become stupid and emotionally as cold as ice?


No, you tap into a knowledge that you never thought you had. In there, in your own psyche, lie all the answers to the mysteries of the universe.


Meditation is the way to get there.




Please read here to find a basic meditation technique that I regularly teach to our students.






You might be surprised that physical lovemaking is mentioned here. Here is why:


To me, love needs to be made. That is where the term comes from.


The physical penis and vagina are energy portals (doorways), spiritual organs. When the penis enters the vagina, the male energy portal meets the female energy portal. The two portals meet and pass through each other into a very different psychic reality. In the reality that is entered, love is made. When both partners come back to this reality, both are infused with more love.


The love that is made will then raise the density level of the body, increase natural intelligence, increase joy and influence everyday action as well as keep the physical body in harmony (In my experience, it is difficult to keep the body metabolically healthy when love is insufficient).


Physical lovemaking precedes more love, more honesty and a much vaster understanding of the whole.


What we do currently on this planet rarely reaches this kind of lovemaking that I have just described. This is due to an educational system that teaches sex over lovemaking and religious belief systems that teach that lovemaking is dirty or belongs to a lower type of consciousness. As these wrong ideas get drilled into us during childhood, we develop psychic patterns that mistake sex for love. Add to this the coordinated effort of the mass media, which puts incredible hype into the physical act of lovemaking. As a result we have individuals that are over-excited when meeting a possible sexual partner and a psychic preoccupation with “orgasm” and other forms of sexual gratification when it comes to the physical act of making love.


There is nothing inherently wrong with orgasm and whatever sexual gratification you prefer (unless of course there is sexual abuse of any kind).


It is just that something else entirely is possible that requires more love, more patience and the willingness to stay with one partner for a longer time (because there are many obstacle that need to be removed before love can flow freely – this is why it needs time).


Remember, penis and vagina are portals to the whole of the universe.


Just a word to those that don’t have a partner currently: You are not missing out! If you cannot make love physically at this point in time, it means that you are preparing for the next time that you can. The point is to stay open, trust in love and be alert for when your next partner comes along.


What about gay people in the context of what I have just said?


I am not gay, but I do know people that are. My observation is that many gay people are very creative and very sensitive. Gay couples tend to care about each other a lot, sometimes much more than heterosexual people do. There were other gay people that I have known who were out purely for orgasmic sex. Some people became gay after traumatic events involving the opposite sex. Some people choose same sex relationships simply because it is easier. Being with the opposite sex can be the most difficult thing on earth.


My best guess is that in truly gay people there is a psychic mix-up, meaning that a female spirit has entered a male body or vice versa. This may be from before birth or it may be induced in some form or other after birth/childhood/adulthood. Traumatic events can do this. Excess phytoestrogens during childhood nutrition may play a role and most likely, subliminal suggestion can do this. What I can observe, though, is that in many homosexual couples one partner will represent more of the female aspect of the psyche and the other more of the male aspect. When those two meet, there will be the creation of psychic love, as positive polarity meets negative polarity in the psychic realm. How this translates to physical lovemaking, I honestly can’t say, and I don’t want to speculate.




Learning how to make love without excitement can take a long time.


The best advice, without going into too much detail (I could write a whole book on that), is to let the love inside you guide you.


If you have shame or guilt about how your body looks, it is best to gently let go of those emotions. If you have a loving partner, you will go through this together.


If it comes to sexuality, it is best to stay light, to stay easy. Laugh, enjoy, be creative, try new things. Making love is not serious. It is best not to make a “thing” out of it.


If you can’t make love today, try again tomorrow.


Don’t be forceful and don’t expect anything. Trust your body.


Physical bodies know perfectly how to make love, if you don’t interfere too much with your fantasizing brain.




9. JOY


Joy is our natural state of being. Watch a little child that is not yet too exposed to the world. Smiling, laughing, open and a willing to explore the natural world. Life is a wonder, the great unknown.


That small, joyful child is still inside you, covered over by the so-called “real” world.


Joy, like love, is not an emotion. It does not come and go. It is always there, ready to rejoice into the wonder of life.




Remember the last time you felt joy.


Let that sensation flow through you.


Examine if there are any situations in your life right now that give you joy. Acknowledge those.


Stay out of the negative rot of blaming and defining the world as a negative place to be.


A lot of joy can be created by simply stopping the automatic negative thinking that pulls everybody down, including yourself.


Every day look how beautiful it is to be with people that you love. Look at animals, flowers, trees, smell the air. Feel how good it is to be alive.


Practice being joyful as often as you can. Make it your nature to be open to life, to smile more, to praise others more.


And don’t do it just on Christmas, Easter or birthdays. Do it every day.






Celebration comes with joy. Look at an apple tree full with fruit. That is celebration, abundance. That is what you are.




Live your life as a constant celebration; celebrate the beautiful people you are with, your friends, your partner, if you have one.


Celebrate the sun, the snow, the wind, the flowers and all the good things in your life.


Celebrate life. Sing, laugh, do whatever comes to your mind to express joy and celebration.


Remember that energy always flows to where your attention is.


Celebrate every day as if this is your last day on earth. One day it will be and you’re sure to go on to wherever you go celebrating.




So, here you go. I managed to give you ten practical insights sourced from experiences that have changed my life.


I told my friend that these are ten suggestions because to me the time of commandments is over.


Generals command, armies command, authorities command, but love always suggests.


I am absolutely sure there is more to come in the future, as I feel that I have just scratched the surface.


But for now these ten suggestions will be enough to put out a seed of transformation.




This life is an amazing journey. From the moment I started writing this blog, all my life experiences are communicated to me in a story form. The story of my life. The story of the people that I met and the experiences that made me what I am today.


I am very grateful for that.